Everything you need to know about Stupid Wife Season 2


Brazil has made a significant contribution to the realm of romantic series with its intriguing narratives that capture the hearts of viewers worldwide. One such series that has found a special place in the audience’s heart is the charming and thought-provoking Stupid Wife. The unique premise of the show, which intertwines the mundane daily lives of a couple with the mystery of amnesia, has struck a chord with viewers worldwide.

Popularity of the Show

Stupid Wife has not only gained popularity within Brazil but has also attracted international viewership, demonstrating its universal appeal. The series received applause for its well-drawn characters, compelling storyline, and delicate treatment of sensitive subjects. Its innovative approach to depicting a couple’s life has been a refreshing change, keeping viewers hooked to their screens.

Stupid Wife Season 2 Renewal & Release Date

The stupid wife Season 2 is already released on youtube on May 19 2023, as of now two episodes are available to watch.

Stupid Wife Season 2 Cast

Actor/Actress Character
Priscila Reis Luíza
Priscila Buiar Valentina
Thomás de Araújo Léo
Ingrid Pedroza Duda
Gabi Lemos Carol
Marcelo Petzen Igor
Helio Garcia Augusto
Ana Luiza Aninha
Wayne Marinho Roger
Ticiana Passos Sônia
Ingrid Klug Alice
Leno Lopes Marcos
Valléria Freire Catarina
Duda Wendling Sara
Divino Garcia Dr. Cauã
Natalie Smith Entregadora

Stupid Wife Season 2 Spoiler?

The upcoming Season 2 of Stupid Wife is expected to pick up where the first left off. As Luiza grapples with the mysteries of her past and strives to rediscover herself, Valentina is left to win back her amnesiac wife. While no spoilers have been officially released, we can expect an emotional roller-coaster, packed with surprises, tears, and, hopefully, a few laughs along the way.

Stupid Wife Season 1 Recap?

In the fascinating Brazilian series Stupid Wife, Season 1 captivated viewers worldwide with its intriguing premise and captivating narrative. The show revolves around the lives of two law students, Luiza and Valentina, who come from different worlds and perspectives. Interestingly, despite their differences, fate entwines their paths in a way that even they couldn’t have predicted.

In the first season, viewers witness an unlikely but compelling love story between these two protagonists. However, things take a surprising turn when Luiza, who initially despises Valentina, wakes up one day to find herself ten years older and married to Valentina. This unexpected twist leaves Luiza, and the audience, in a state of bewilderment.

Upon discovering her condition, we learn that Luiza suffers from dissociative amnesia. This complex mental condition, brought about by a traumatic event, has caused her to lose all memories of the last decade of her life. As a result, she has no recollection of falling in love with Valentina, let alone marrying her.

Season 1 portrays the struggles and challenges Luiza faces as she tries to make sense of her life. It’s not just about missing years of memories; it’s about coming to terms with a life she never envisioned for herself. To make matters more complicated, she now has to navigate her relationship with Valentina, a woman she previously disliked but is now apparently her spouse.

Meanwhile, Valentina is left in a difficult position. The woman she loves and married has forgotten their shared history, their love, and their connection. She has to make a decision – to walk away from this confusing situation or to stand by Luiza and help her regain her lost memories.

The first season ended on a high note, leaving viewers on the edge of their seats. It ended with a cliffhanger, pushing viewers to speculate about the mysterious event that led to Luiza’s amnesia and what lies ahead for Luiza and Valentina’s relationship.

Ratings of the Show

Stupid Wife has received high ratings from critics and audiences alike, praising its fresh narrative and empathetic character portrayal. It’s not just a love story; it’s a testament to the human spirit and the power of love in the face of adversity, making it a must-watch for all romance genre enthusiasts.

Stupid Wife Review 

As a professional movie reviewer, I’ve been quite taken with Stupid Wife. The series successfully melds romance with elements of mystery and drama, creating a unique viewing experience. The excellent performances by the cast, coupled with the engaging plot, are the icing on the cake, making it one of the must-watch series of the year.

Where to Watch

The series is exclusively available for streaming on BetaSeries.com. The platform offers a plethora of series catering to diverse tastes, so be sure to explore other available options after catching up with Stupid Wife.


As we gear up for the second season of Stupid Wife, the anticipation is undoubtedly high. This promising Brazilian series has successfully carved a niche in the global entertainment landscape, and we’re eagerly waiting to see what the new season brings to the table.

As the characters unfold and the plot thickens, there’s no doubt that the upcoming episodes will bring more excitement, intrigue, and, most importantly, more love. To all the fans eagerly waiting for the new episodes, hold tight, for love will indeed find its way, even in the face of forgetfulness.

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