Facebook launches Live Audio Rooms in the US


Facebook forced the device to join the voice chat craze and launched its new chatting social network Live Audio Rooms on a limited and US-only basis. Voice chats are a successful reference, given the interest that has been aroused around the world, the Clubhouse, which appeared last year in Silicon Valley, and Twitter Spaces, which has already been in operation since the beginning of this year.

The organization of Live Audio Rooms is currently restricted to some public figures in the United States and some groups of particular interest in the social network. Another initial limitation is that it only works in the Facebook app for iOS.

From Live Audio Rooms you can send stars to speakers and make donations to an NGO with a direct button

Facebook social networking site

Live acoustics room organizers can invite anyone as a speaker, with a maximum of 50 people who can speak at the same time. There is no maximum number of listeners in rooms, so in principle it can be unlimited غير

Among the main functions of Live Audio Rooms are notifications, which are sent to users when their friends or followers join a room, the option to “raise your hand” to ask to join the conversation, and live captions, as the speaker speaks. Group admins can decide who has the ability to create and moderate a room. Public group chats allow access to both its members and external users. In contrast, in private group chats only its members can participate.

live sound rooms

Live Audio Rooms chat can be turned into a podcast

Facebook social networking site

The experience of other networks of this kind, in which initiatives were organized to raise charitable funds for all kinds of causes and always from external links, led to Facebook creating a function that allows you to choose an NGO or fundraising group. Support her while chatting and offers a button that facilitates direct donation.

Facebook is also announcing direct access to podcasts that can be listened to through a player built into the app

Another great novelty in this Facebook update is direct access to podcasts, which can be listened to through a player already built into the app. Podcasts are selected on the pages of their creators and in the news section. These can receive feedback, comments and participation. One of its functions will allow you to turn your voice chat into a podcast.

live sound rooms

live sound rooms

Facebook social networking site

Although interest in Clubhouse has waned in recent weeks, initiatives for this type of acoustic social network do not stop emerging. A few days ago, Spotify announced its own app called Greenroom. Some information also indicates that professional social networks such as LinkedIn and Slack are their own voice chat applications.

Among the first personalities to create a conversation on Facebook’s Conversation Network are soccer player Russell Wilson, video and game creator Omarlove, and rappers DeSmok and Joe Boden.

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