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It is no secret that American companies today are going through an unprecedented crisis, as many people who are authorized to work, prefer collecting unemployment insurance and Covid-19 assistance, rather than being employed, and then in many cases they get more money without working than working .

MCC Migration USA is a Canadian-American company, incorporated in the District of British Columbia and incorporated in the United States in Florida that, specifically, specializes in working alongside such companies as a strategic ally and responsible for the recruitment of foreign workers to fill this shortage.

In the midst of this scenario, foreign workers must commit to working for at least one year with the sponsoring company in exchange for sponsoring a green card or permanent resident card, under the EB-3 sponsorship category, other workers, who in addition, must cover the legal costs of the process.

This entity, by operating on the basis of the EB-3 visa program, makes it easier for foreign employees to obtain a permanent resident card from the United States government to work and live with their families for an initial ten-year renewable period, with the option to apply for citizenship after five years.

Options for working in the United States

Since 1990, US immigration law has allowed companies in this country to sponsor aliens willing and qualified to work, and in this sense, it is time to announce that MCC Migration USA is recruiting and has more than 700 jobs available, through various sponsoring companies in Florida (where The majority of job vacancies), New York, Wisconsin, Kentucky, and Connecticut, are concentrated in the food, hospitality, and manufacturing sectors.

Today, the call is to connect on June 23 at 3:00 pm to the forum to be held through the platform, under the supervision of Maria Fernanda Arbelaez, mediator journalist and co-founder Manuel Livano, CEO of MCC Migration USA, who will address issues aimed at guiding any A person is looking for options, not only to work, but to obtain residency in the United States.

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