Facundo’s arrest in Qatar.. What punishment awaits him?

Facundo’s arrest in Qatar.. What punishment awaits him?

The Mexican national team Not the only one in trouble in Qatarsince the irreverent driver Facundo, arrested by the police of the country hosting the World Cup Having starred in one of his popular capsules which usually features characters from urban life.

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Why did they arrest FACUNDO?

a few days ago Facundo was playing windshield wiper on the streets of Doha as part of a prankHowever, the character annoyed the driver, So much so, that the latter ended up calling the policewhich is something captured by cameras TUDNthe TV station with which the broadcaster attended the World Cup.

for the driver It was so expensive to clean the car without the consent of its owner that the authorities immediately went to the sceneanyway not appreciate it In the television cameras of the moment detentionafter a minute Facundo appeared next to Patrolindicating that he was in trouble.

We must remember that, Disrupting public order in Qatar is an administrative offense that the World Cup organizers will not tolerate. Much less if the events take place in the capital, Doha, the city where most of the sporting activity is concentrated.

What punishment awaits FACUNDO?

Until now, The driver has not posted anything on his social networksdespite the fact that many users of social networks They assure that everything worked outIn other cases it is assumed that It is still in the custody of the Qatari authorities And if so, Facundo could face harsh punishment for trying to pull a joke.

The The punishment that the interpreter of ‘Jaime Duende’ could face could translate to receiving floggings in a public square. During the date agreed upon by the Qatari judiciary, in addition to You must pay a fine to disturb public order, albeit in more extreme cases The driver can even be deported to Mexico If he considers his mistake serious.


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