Patients enter the hospital from different regions with different diagnoses and expectations.

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Being in intensive care is a worrying situation for any member of the patient’s family.

waiting rooms overcrowded with relatives in intensive care; The hours are very long and the days are endless. They all walk as if confused, not knowing where they live, losing track of time.

In these complex moments, feelings come to the fore.

But there is one that flows and that feeling is faith. Some do it in silence and talk to themselves.

Others seek refuge. In the hospital where I work there is a symbolic chapel; It is located under the entrance staircase to the hospital’s inpatient department.

There are many images of saints, but the image of the Virgin Mary stands out; It is a sacred and transitory place. The ladder appears to have been a strategic place indicating the patient’s path; Towards where souls dwell or heaven or continue to perpetuate the earth.

It is a very representative Catholic religious standing of the Christian faith; candles are constantly lit; There is always a kneeling relative praying for the sick; Science and medicine are not enough to cure. Faith is indispensable. Before this belief there was no incurable disease. It is easy to appreciate devotion and humility in every prayer.

No doubt; Sometimes a small religious prestige seems to support the entire hospital; In it, family members find peace and serenity; But above all, an admission that no doctor can give.

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