Fashion tips for students: 10 trendy vintage items


How to replenish the wardrobe at no extra cost? Before, we wrote about clothes that you can borrow from your boyfriend. This time we offer to look into your grandmother’s closet, where there will surely be a couple of vintage gizmos that are more trendy today than ever.

Plaid Jacket

Every year, the oversize plaid jacket continues to flash in the photo reports of street-style chronicles. Exactly like this was worn by our mothers and grandmothers, only with shoulder pads that highlighted the shoulder line and gave them a strict angularity. Foam pads should be cut off, but be careful — do not cut the main seam. A belt will help to fit the silhouette (the current trend of this season), and it does not matter whether it is wide or thin. In addition to that, write my paper request is also very common among modern students. By the way, jackets are relevant not only in the achromatic range but also in bright contrasting colors.

“Tie-dye” jeans

One of the most memorable trends of the 80s is jeans with the “tie-dye” effect, that is, uneven coloring. Jeans with streaks were valued much more than ordinary dark blue denim. However, it was extremely difficult to get such a pair. And that’s why many resorted to the only available method — self-customization at home. To get the desired pattern, the material was wrapped and fixed with dense threads, after which it was cooked in a metal dish with the addition of chlorine bleach, stirring with wooden tongs.

Today, hardly anyone will have to resort to chemical treatment. After all, well-known brands, from luxury to mass market, have long been offering denim items in the style of the past, the colors of which resemble blurred clouds: jeans, overalls, jackets, vests, shirts, etc.

Blouses with statement sleeves

That is, with lantern sleeves, reminiscent of the royal luxury of the Victorian era.

In the second half of the XX century and the USSR — especially in the 80s, women wore romantic blouses with puffed sleeves under an elongated skirt and low heels. Today, trendy feminine blouses with voluminous shoulder lines are very skeptical, and even the owners of a thin waist. But if you are not timid, combine your grandmother’s blouse with jeans or trousers with a high waist or with a leather A-line skirt. Antique or antique-styled jewelry will help to complement the image.

A dress in a neo-romantic style

Neo-romanticism in clothes is a kind of challenge to minimalism that has already managed to get pretty bored. “Neo” means to combine “romance” with the usual things from the everyday wardrobe. As an example, a delicate silk dress under a strict straight-cut jacket.

Flowing fabrics, ruffles, ribbons and lace, pastel shades, and uncomplicated uniform prints… The mood is lightness and dreaminess!

Most likely, your mother had such a dress. If the length is below the knees, on the chest, or the back there is a row of buttons standing close to each other, covered with fabric, and foam pads under the shoulders— this is exactly it. Combine it not only with classic shoes and sandals but also with Nike air force 1 low sneakers.

Shoes with square toes

The “square toes” have returned to the trend because designers are increasingly returning to the era of the 90s. Although such shoes were fashionable not only in those days. In the 60s, women everywhere wore shoes with a square nose and a low heel. For the first time, as fashion historians say, such a nose shape appeared in the first half of the 19th century.

In 2020, this is one of the leading trends. First of all, we are talking about sandals with square toes are indispensable both in the official dress code and for creating a casual or evening look. The most popular texture is suede in pastel shades. As for shoes and ankle boots, also choose a model with heels and in a restrained range.

Bag with a crocodile skin pattern

In the 90s, everyone dreamed of a rectangular bag with a “reptile” texture, which, if you unfasten the long strap, was modified into a briefcase with a handle. Today, despite the relevance of the “crocodile pattern”, it is not necessary to carry bags of such shapes. A clutch, a hobo, a messenger, and a tote will do. The winning option this season will be voluminous practical bags.

If you find such an accessory in the closet, blow off the dust from it and clean it well. The crocodile bag can be combined with anything: with a pantsuit, jeans with a high waist, a knitwear dress, and other everyday things.


In Soviet times, the beret was an important accessory — they went out with it. The elegant look was complemented by curled curls, earrings in the form of whole pearls, and scarlet lipstick. Every fashionista wore a beret as her gut told her:

  • on top of the head – to show a lush head of hair;
  • sideways — to focus attention on the neck area;
  • pulling it over the forehead – escaping from the cold.

There was a shortage in the production, especially of bright fabrics. And that’s why berets of restrained colors flashed in the crowd – gray, brown, dark blue. Let it be inconspicuous, but such a headdress can be combined with anything.

High leather gloves

One of their fashion trends today is high leather gloves. As a rule, they are worn with a coat, the sleeve of which is three—quarters, or with a cape. Back then leather gloves were a luxury that not everyone could afford. Did your grandmother have such a pair? Well, it’s doubly pleasant: in the cold season, you can not only be fashionable but also feel her care.

Chiffon Scarf

Especially popular are fabrics with animalistic prints and ethnic motifs. A light chiffon scarf can be woven into a ponytail or braid, used as a belt, or, as our mothers and grandmothers did elegantly tied around the neck. Moreover, they can be decorated with a bag, tied to the wrist or ankle. In general, the most functional thing.

Pearl Jewelry

If you inherited an asymmetrical pair of earrings and a layered necklace as a gift, you are incredibly lucky. Today, both necklaces and laconic pendants with baroque pearls (large and uneven stone) are especially trendy.

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