Felipe Allo: The Dominican Republic will surpass the United States in quality

Felipe Allo: The Dominican Republic will surpass the United States in quality

The Dominican Republic has the conditions to be the leader in baseball around the world. It’s the consideration, or “prophecy” voiced by legendary baseball man, Phillip Rojas Allo.

“But I think we will be number one in the world and we will surpass the United States in terms of quality,” the special assistant for baseball operations tells the team. Big leaguesSan Francisco Giants team.

“I won’t see her, maybe because of my age, but it’s a prophecy,” said Rojas Allo.

For the veteran captain, a former student at the then University of Santo Domingo (known as UASD), baseball is as if it is in the DNA of the Dominicans. As if to give a lecture, Rojas Allo notes that “Dominican baseball was made as a pillar with roots and solid foundations of which every Dominican player is a part.”

This includes “even those who have only played at the academies,” with a group headed by those who have made it to the Cooperstown Hall of Fame.

More fans

John SotoAnd Vladimir Guerrero Jr.. Fernando Tates Jr. Three rhyming names for Dominicans in Big leagues.

The former director of the Montreal Exposition (1992-01) and the San Francisco Giants (2003-2006) notes that the list is long and there is more to come.

Not only those in the academies or minor leagues in the American system, but also children who are considered future stars.

Rojas Allo recounts that he gave the example of a man who had a son whom he considered to be a “star”. “And I told him when the boy would sign and how old he was and he told me he was eight years old.”

This left the Dominican legend in this game shocked. “Here, look, they are growing up to be superstars. This quarry is growing and this column is made up of everyone we have played and it has a very deep and solid base, to the point that it will reach infinity, I tell you.”

from Venezuela

In other American latitudes, baseball is also growing, as in Venezuela, but, despite the presence of a larger population, it will not overtake the Dominican Republic.

“There are other countries, for example Venezuela, that produce many good players, but I think they will always lag behind us,” said Rojas Alo.

Felipe Allo and Cooperstown

Does Allo Cooperstown have to be immortal? The leader in his words is not considered. “Because in fact my numbers as a player are not from the Hall of Fame and the numbers of coaches to win a thousand small matches above .500,” Allo said during a visit to the Ministry of Sports accompanied by his brother Jesus. Rojas Aloo. But he finds a way to exalt him: “What I believe in, and perhaps someday, is that the family inducts into the Hall of Fame, at least the three (the Allo brothers, Felipe, Mitito, and Jesus) who have played together that, has never been seen before and is very difficult to see again. Because people don’t have a lot of kids anymore and if they do, they have to be major league players, which is also difficult.” And that feat, he understands, “is very hard to counter, unless someone has 25 kids and takes out three or four players.” Other trio of brothers in major league history are Vince, Dom and Joe Dimaggio. Clwyd, Keane, and Clete Boyer; Hector, Jose, Tommy Cruz, Benji, Jose, and Yadir Molina, to name a few.

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