How much compensation was paid to Renaldo Rueda? Ramon Jsouron replied

How much compensation was paid to Renaldo Rueda?  Ramon Jsouron replied

The Colombian national team returned to the days of uncertainty after its coach ran out and was about to start a new project targeting the 2026 World Cup, which will be jointly organized by Canada, the United States and Mexico. At the moment, there are many names that sound, but there is no clear picture.

The only thing that has been confirmed is that Rueda and the Colombian Football Federation have ended their relationship on the best terms after reaching a separation agreement. To put an end to the second cycle of Kalinho’s Strategist at Tricolor, a meeting with managers was held on Monday.

In this regard, the president of the federation provided on Tuesday some details about how Rueda, who did not achieve the goal of qualifying for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, and therefore did not continue to take charge of the team, exited.

Since before his departure was confirmed, it was known that in the contract it was stipulated that the World Cup should not be classified upon completion. For this reason, Ramon Gisorn made it clear in the past few hours Reinaldo Rueda has absolutely nothing to leave the coaching positionwhich is a different case than what happened to Carlos Queiroz when his contract was terminated.

There is no single weight to compensate. Mr. Reinaldo Rueda left by agreement with us That was in the contract. The manager said in a conversation with blue morning.

In order to leave no room for doubt, the president of the federation confirmed that “there was not even a single peso in compensation” for coach Reinaldo Rueda.

Regarding other issues being discussed in the tricolor environment, Jesurún emphasized that so far there have been no approaches with any coach and he seized the opportunity Denial of versions linking Gustavo Alvaro and Ricardo Garecatechnicians from Ecuador and Peru, respectively.

He has held the position of President since November 2015. – Photo: LEÓN DARÍO PELÁEZ SÁNCHEZ

“Totally wrong, this is not right, it is not in our plans and even more so when a brother team (Ecuador) is ranked with all the advantages. There is no possibility that we are looking for a coach who has a link today or participates in the World Cup,” he said of Alvaro’s case.

It must be remembered that before signing with Rueda he said something similar, and at that time the Colombian coach was with Chile. For this reason, it is not excluded that they go to a coach who has a current contract with another selected team or club.

In addition, he noted that it was “not true” that they “spoke to Professor Garica”. And he continued the moral stance, expressing that they would not contact him. “He is the coach of a team that we hope will qualify for the World Cup and be successful, that’s how we want him in South America.”

“We started the mission today (Tuesday, April 19), which, although we started right away, It can not be indexed that tomorrow or a week later we will have a technician. We hope that we will have certainty to choose the person who will lead the Colombian national team in the coming years,” he added about the process of selecting the new coach for the Colombian national team.

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