“Fermi Factory”, “Reality Show” at the service of agriculture in Senegal

“Fermi Factory”, “Reality Show” at the service of agriculture in Senegal

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Despite the global rise of social media, television remains a major component of Senegalese entertainment. That’s why Osman Fay, a TV producer, came up with the idea of ​​”Ferme Factory”, a program based on traditional “reality shows” with wide influence in some European countries.

Senegal, a country located in West Africa, has a number of resources for the development of agriculture. Despite this, this activity is not attractive to young people, who every year decide to venture to improve their quality of life far from their borders.

The “Ferme Factory” has about 20 participants (men and women), who will work over four months to become farmers. The prize, their main motive, is their own and fruitful piece of land that will allow them to make their future in the country.

The group consists of participants from different areas of Senegalese society. Some come from families with a long agricultural tradition, but it is also possible to see young people with university studies willing to put their knowledge into practice.

The program has government support. The first season was broadcast on the Senegalese national channel and attended by hundreds of thousands of viewers. In addition, she receives sponsorship from the National Agency for Agricultural Integration and Development, an entity specifically created to promote work in this field and prevent young people from emigrating from the country.

The participants in their few seasons were able to become role models for the community. Thanks to the experiences of the heroes, transmitted through the screen, many young people put aside the idea of ​​leaving for other countries, to stay in search of a better future in Senegal.

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