FGR searches and closes companies in the center of Tampico Grupo Milenio

FGR searches and closes companies in the center of Tampico Grupo Milenio

Office of the Attorney General Republic (FGR) searched negocios from different regions of Tampico and closed them in operation carried out together with members of the guard National.

As of the night Friday saw startedmentioned dependency sites to do the review goods,” because there is Claiming rights ”, from According to the documentbrought to the merchants.

Even if you are alone in the center, more than that from dozens of shops that fall Across Carranza Street, AltaLook, Cesar Lopez de Lara, Customs, in addition to local which is inside the supermarkets.

Majority of work that developed FGR Stamps are the concentrated ones to sell imports, The so-called local artChinese donkeys”, but also Ubi shoe stores are closedAll in the first frame.

Based on what arranged in articles 16, 21, 102 of the Constitution from Mexi USAGray hair; 127, 129, 131, 132, 229, 230, 282 of the National Code of criminal proceedings and Others apply,” he says Stamps with the FGR logo.

area merchants Back center centered in goods such as hats, socks, backpacks, perfume, Keychains, toys and more products clone nike, calvin klein, iPhone, Samsung, and others.

operative chief by security agents to the attention of the federation Citizenship that stopped To monitor joint sealslocated in the institutionscoughing and others asked ‘why What shut them down? “

In social networks they eatThe first one has been publishedPhoto stream of eatersShops are closed.


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