Films in which William Levy appeared at the age of 41

Films in which William Levy appeared at the age of 41

Cuban-American actor William Levy, who stars in the series Perfumed coffee for women on RCNHe has appeared in several films since 2008. The model was also born on August 29, 1980, so he turned 41 years old this Sunday.

In addition to Perfumed coffee for womenAnd William Levy’s career includes many series and TV shows. Like in the theater, similar to the music video I’m inside you Singer Jennifer Lopez was a voice actress in the animated film Planet 51 And even featured in some commercials.

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It’s a boy’s birthday this Sunday He was born in Cuba, and shortly before his 15th birthday, he legally immigrated to the United States Because her stepfather obtained political asylum.

William Levy studied acting in the American cities of Miami and Los Angeles, as well as in Mexico City. He started his career as a soap opera actor in Miami and in 2007 made it to Mexican television. As for cinema, he made his first appearance in 2008 with the movie parts of life, registered in Guayaquil.

Who is the Sebastian Vallejo plays in Perfumed coffee for womenNominated and winner of multiple awards Since 2008, when he won the Bravo Awards for Best New Actor. In addition, magazines such as TVyNovelas and People en Español often include him in their lists of the most handsome men.

Films in which William Levy appeared
  • Retazos de vida (2008).
  • Single Mothers Club (2014).
  • Addicted (2014).
  • Resident Evil: The Capítulo Final (2017).
  • Girl’s Journey (2017).
  • Ghost of My Girlfriend (2018).
  • In the arms of a killer (2019).

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