Florida: Swimmers rescue Zuko, the dog who fought in the ocean

A group of swimmers traveling in a boat on the water Florida saved Zuko, a dog that swam in the Atlantic Ocean. Photo: Cuartoscuro (illustrative).

TikTok user identified as Bryn Crowell released a video showing swimmers in a boat off the coast of Florida, United States, to save a dog named Zuko who was fighting To stay afloat in the water from the Atlantic Ocean.

Me and my friends saved us dog which we found swimming alone in the middle of the ocean,” Brian Crowell explained ZukoSmall white animal. Video starts up One of the baths is already in the water, with the zuko . dog Next to him you approach the boat in which they were traveling.

Memorizes dog employment Florida

  • The bathers who were in the boat help to climb zuko . dog
  • ‘Lomito’ is well received with cheers of happiness from vacationers

The video does not explain how zuko . dog fell into the water Florida, although local media reports indicate that He managed to find his human familyThe animal had a collar with a nameplate, a name and a contact phone number.

In another TikTok video, Bryn Crowell showed screenshots of a conversation she had with a human at zuko . dog from Florida; The The family gave the bathers in total $300 to cover the cost of boat fuel.

“(The zuko . dog) In perfect condition, 100%. I cannot thank you and your friends enough for what you did for (the animal). Save him and save my family.”.

In an interview with the people, the last of the humans zuko . dog They confirmed that they lost sight of the animal when they traveled in another boat, too Florida. Video Rescue has gone viral on social networksMostly because it had a happy ending.

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