Floyd Mayweather: Money and Dana White can cross into the UFC and Boxing again


The last thing known about him Floyd Mayweather Jr. He was preparing to hold an exhibition in front of Logan Paul. However, the fight with YouTube was postponed, but in the last hours the former boxer showed himself with him Dana White And everything points to a new crossing with UFC.

years pass and Mayweather It’s still a money-making machine in the sport of punching, whether it’s at the top or bottom of the ring. So all fighters and fans want to deal with him because the American guarantees a big profit.

One of them is Logan Paul, who allegedly signed a contract for a showdown at the start 2021. But as we said at the beginning, the fight between him and YouTube was postponed, and a new date for its implementation was not mentioned.

despite this, Floyd Mayweather Jr. He seems ready to go back to work with an old acquaintance, Dana White. “What the hell is going on here?!”, the famous businessman wrote in UFC On Twitter.

On the other hand, with Capital s white He was a Japanese businessman and promoter of mixed martial arts, Nobuyuki Sakakibara. “When I had a meeting with Mayweather, I was surprised when Dana showed up and said, ‘I have a boy who wants to see Sakakibara from now on, so I’ll call him on the phone.'” It’s been 15 years since I met him again.”, she expressed skakibara.

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