Foreign direct investment in Nuevo Leon will exceed $3000 million in 2022 – El Financiero


Hector Tigrina, Director General of the Investment Promotion Agency, Invest Monterrey, said that during this year, foreign direct investment in Nuevo Leon will be greater than that recorded last year and exceed three billion dollars.

He pointed out that the Ministry of Economy’s figures show that foreign direct investment in the entity amounted to $2.322 million in the third quarter of last year, 62.4 percent of which came from American companies.

“I think adding the investment figures for the fourth quarter, last year Nuevo Leon was supposed to close with about three billion dollars of investment and this year should be good, that this amount raised exceeds and that many companies may continue to reach international organizations. which finds the conditions to establish itself in the entity,” said Tigrina.

Jesus Garza, CEO of Soluciones Financieras Gamma, pointed out that one of the main pillars of the growth of a country or entity is undoubtedly the arrival of new investments.

“Nuevo Leon distinguishes itself from the rest of the country because it attracts a lot of productive investment, especially because of the problem of near grounding, and the problem that the United States faces in the manufacturing sector, but at the state level the opposite is happening, we are seeing a strong decline in investment, especially in the sector,” he added. Private, persistent weakness in it means lower growth rates.

He explained that Mexico’s growth, which analysts had estimated at four to five percent for this year, had already been cut to between 2.5 and 3.5 percent, much lower than what the Treasury had estimated, and a reflection of very low investment. in the country.

“I think Nuevo Leon will continue to grow mainly because of three factors, the first of which is its proximity to the United States. Second, the competitive advantages that it has in terms of infrastructure and skilled labor; and the third is the capital to be reinvested.”

Tigrina noted that “investment last year closed 64 projects representing an investment of more than $ 1,000 million and among the companies that arrived Hinse from China building a factory for the production of household appliances, another case is one of Kawasaki, Japan, in the process of producing vehicles for all Landforms “.

For this year, he said, between 75 and 90 new projects should be closed, the ones that are being confirmed in the entity.

The Director commented that 2021 was the first full year of Invest’s operations, and that they were very successful, promoting the city of Monterrey and the entire state of Nuevo Leon, but using the Monterrey brand, which is the internationally reference brand.

“The state had an exceptional year, today the Plaza de Monterrey is the fourth largest industrial stock in all of Mexico, and 20 percent of the real estate sold last year in the country is all made in Monterrey. Which speaks volumes for all the attractions the state has to attract investment.”

He stressed that proximity to the United States makes Monterrey very attractive for setting up manufacturing projects and being able to export the final product to that country.

He added, “The dynamism we are seeing is with what is happening at the global level, which is the disruption of supply chains, which is forcing companies to make decisions to approach recruitment, and in this sense Monterrey has raised its hand for this type of project.” .

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