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Sustainability and environmental awareness were announced in the March issue of the travel and lifestyle magazine Condé Nast Traveler, And in which the new normal for 2021 is explored, which must necessarily bear a sustainable stamp.

The magazine invites to reflect on the new way of knowing the world, respecting times and cycles of life and responsible consumption, and proposes to celebrate the Balearic nature as a sustainable destination. In addition, as part of its content, highlights the list of greenest hotels in Spain, initiatives that value indigenous wealth and promote zero kilometer consumption, connect us with our nature, and show us that another world of hospitality is possible.

In this issue of Traveler, the magazine acknowledges the sustainable work and commitment of several Spanish eco-hotels, which are making a minimal impact on the environment. Four Balearic hotels stand out.

Can uli. (Pollensa, Mallorca) Here you can experience the flavors and emotions that give identity to Mallorca with a local role in the decoration, ceramics by Jaume Roig and photographs by Jean Marie del Moral. Fabrics and carpets are environmentally friendly and strive to be in harmony with the environment.

Ecocirer (Solaire, Mallorca) This hotel was once a silent movie theater and ice cream factory and has been recreated with recycled pieces that show many lives and so much ingenuity. Today it is the studio of the artist Francesca Martí.

S raco darta (Mallorca) Mallorca architect Tony Estiva touring a 13th-century estate on a place of nature worship. The hotel seeks to think and be aware of sustainable architecture.

Fontenelle (Menorca) This hotel is associated with nature with a sustainable farming project, an artisanal distillery of essential oils, and a flour mill.

These environmental “warriors” aim to change the world and raise awareness, and are accompanied by other sustainable destinations such as Seychelles, Mobiti, Uganda, Bindis, Australia, etc.

Condé Nast Traveler also presents the Green List of the Most Influential Environmental Activists for 2021, which is a list of people from all over the world and from all sectors, who are promoting and working for a more environmentally friendly and sustainable world including some Spaniards: Fernando Ojeda, Javier Guinichi, Manu San Felix, And Sonya Sanchez.

List of selected Spanish ECO hotels:

La Donaira (Serrana de Ronda, Malaga).

Was ole (Pollensa, Mallorca).

Caecalveles (Yannis, Asturias).

Ecocirer (Solaire, Mallorca).

Buenavista Country Suites (Teguise, Lanzarote).

It is the corner of D`Artá (Mallorca).

Fontenelle (Menorca).

Arima (San Sebastian).

Mas Salagros (Val Romanes, Barcelona).

Astor City (Covinho, Asturias).

Mas del Pot (Matarana, Teruel).

Parador Alsaller (Valencia).

La Garriga de Catteladral (Catedral, Barcelona).

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