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The Colombian Association of Temporary Service Companies (ACOCET) has warned that in recent days there have been at least four complaints from different companies warning of misuse of the name and trade name to make fake job offers.

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According to the federation, taking advantage of the critical situation of many Colombians, resulting in particular from the epidemic, Criminals send emails asking for money to be sent in exchange for a job.

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The union said, “As a union, we strongly reject these practices and we are actually asking in every case to be aware of the cooperation of the authorities so that we can find those responsible.” He warned that no company in the sector makes any payments for a job.

Acoset reports that people interested in getting a job can access the entity’s website for Consult the names of the association’s temporary services companies that facilitate the achievement of employment without imposing any kind of remuneration..

“It is important to prevent many people who think that, with this money, they will improve their job prospects.” Perez added.

Other complaints

For his part, Juan Fernando Mesa, director of Ayuda Temporal del Caribe SA, expressed grave concern about the fraud that is being created by offering jobs under different company names..

“They told me from my office that in just two days they had about 39 calls with the story that job candidates had already sent money in Efecty, and they indicate they gave them a pin to deliver that shipment and they argue that Mesa says, ‘It’s a professional medical checkup.”

Likewise, Edgar Arturo, director of Asertempo Colombia, said unscrupulous people use company logos, the Ministry of Labor and Carulla to provide services. “We allow ourselves to report that our company is not the owner of these requirements, neither labor nor economic, as we do not have operations in Manizales,” he said.

In the same way, Juan Carlos Moreno, Director of Contactamos, asserted that his company had been used to deceive people looking for jobs, and also by using the name Servbinetega for the vacancies mentioned.

He pointed out that “the accident occurred last year, when he was supposed to request employees for” Servbinetega “.

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