Four science pioneers recognized

Four science pioneers recognized

Thursday, June 30, 2022 – 8:45 pm

The event started by explaining the reason for the project

Today the Forum “Pioneers of Science: Because They Were; Because, They Will Be” in Panama City, an activity carried out as part of the results of the project of the same name.

This project is from the International Center for Political and Social Studies (CIEPS) and is funded by the National Secretariat for Science, Technology and Innovation (SENACYT).

The Research Team at Pioneers of Science: Because They Were, We; Because, they would be” from Eugenia Rodriguez Blanco, anthropologist; Yolanda Marco, historian; Fanny Arusha, journalist, and Patricia Rogers, sociologist.


The event began by explaining the reason for the project, in the words of Eugenia Rodriguez Blanco, project coordinator and co-researcher at CIEPS: “This project aims to highlight the female scientists who were the first to pave the way for others who came after. We recognize them and make up for the disappearance to which the history of science has subjected them in the Panama”. He added that the research also seeks to create references that stimulate or enhance the choice of scientific careers among Panamanian girls.

Then the names of 24 science pioneers in Panama were revealed through an eight-minute documentary. Pioneers: Clara Gonzalez de Berhininger, Ophelia Huber Polo, Carmen Miro Gandaseghe, Legia Herrera Jurado, Reina Torres de Arres, Olga Linares Tripaldos, Carmen Antony Garcia, Felicia Santizo Henriquez, Elsie Alvartialo de Record. Lydia C. de Hernandez, and Miriam D. Venegas-Anaya, and Rosa E. Palacio Navas, and Zoila Guerra de Castillo. (Only 11 of 24 are alive).

Four of them were honored at the event: Marcela Camargo Rios, Myriam D. Venegas-Anaya, Blanca Calvo de Hernandez and Heldaura Acosta de Patiño.

The 24 were selected using scientific criteria by the research team.

Intergenerational dialogue

The event continued with a round table made up of current scholars, such as Dr. Sandra Lopez Verges, Dr. Nidia Sandoval, Dr. Katie Osorio, Dr. Isabel Lloyd and Mughter. Niasha Warren, who spoke for Science Pioneers in Panama and spoke about gender inequality in science and how to overcome it.

The forums are a preview of two book presentations:

Pioneers of Science in Panama, which collects the stories of these 24 scientists and was written by Eugenia Rodriguez Blanco, Yolanda Marco, Fanny Arusha, Patricia Rogers, and Catherine Marino.

Science Stories: 9 Stories from Our Pioneers, a collection of children’s stories to inspire more girls to become scientists. The latter was written by Lucy Chao, Roxana Muñoz and Fanny Arusha.

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