Four were killed in an armed attack in North Carolina

Four were killed in an armed attack in North Carolina

Two deputy mayors are among four people killed in a 13-hour fort in Boone, North Carolina, which authorities said began Wednesday morning when they were summoned to the home of a man he did not know.

Sheriff deputies from the Wattuja County sheriff’s office arrived at the home at 9:44 a.m. on Wednesday after the employer called home to report that the person had not come to work or did not answer the phone calls.

When the deputy sheriffs entered, two of them were shot while going downstairs to the basement, Sheriff Lyn Hagman, who told reporters, revealed that his deputies were ambushed by a 32-year-old gunman who also killed his mother and stepfather.

The person who called the sheriff’s office to check if okay was the mother’s husband’s employer.

Al-Sharif commented by saying that the gunman may have been planning to attack members of the public and that his office had warned that he had “many weapons.”

The sheriff’s office reported that the vaccination ended at 11 pm on Wednesday. On Thursday, the North Carolina Bureau of Investigation confirmed the attacker was killed, but did not disclose his name or how he died.

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