The passwords of 32,000 federal government emails are published on the Internet: Eset


In the forums Free Download 31995 password associated with Email messages Related domain

This places Mexico as the second country in the country Latin america With more shared passwords.

More than a million and a half passwords are associated with the email addresses that belong to Government agencies From around the world, it was posted for free download in forums, “Eset, a cybersecurity company, details in a statement.

The data is part of a larger publication called COMB, which contains over 3 billion passwords.

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Brazil It is the country in the region with the highest numbers with 68,000 535 passwords belonging to domain-specific email addresses, to me Mexico And for Argentina ( with 15604, Colombia ( with 9428, Peru ( with 6038, and Chile ( with 5843.

Cecilia Pastorino, a specialist at Eset Latin America, recommends, “The users and organizations affected by this leak should immediately change the password of compromised accounts and also in all those accounts where they use the same password.”

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