Franca Ovadje: I studied economics to be able to change things in my country

Franca Ovadje: I studied economics to be able to change things in my country

Nigerian Economist Franca Ovadje, talks passionately about her parents, a bank clerk and a nurse, who worked hard to provide education for their five sons…and five daughters. “They pushed us to be what we wanted to be. I wanted to help change my country and become an economist,” he recalls to La Information. “Another thing I learned from my father – that everyone in my house learned from my father – is social awareness…and it’s not just getting an education and making your dreams come true, it’s always looking (to see) who you can rid us of poverty,” he explains to this newspaper.

This year Ovadje was awarded an award Harambee Award 2022 For the Promotion and Equality of African Women, awarded by the NGO Harambe. Graduated from Universities of Ibadan and Nsukka, PhD in Business Administration from IESE, She was a leading professor at the most important business school in her country.Lagos Business School (LBS). There he taught classes on leadership, change management, and human resource management. He has also worked at IESE Business School in Barcelona, ​​and on various programs at universities in South Africa and Ghana.

She is currently a Visiting Professor at Strathmore Business School in Kenya and President of the Dunn Research Institute in Nigeria. In 2005, he was awarded the African Management Scholar Award. In addition, she is the author of the bookChanging leadership in developing countriesand co-author of “A Guide to Organizational Change in Africa”, published by New York Publishing House Routledge in the United States.

Ovadje has also implemented several solidarity projects. In 1999, she was co-founder and president of NBWF (Women Entrepreneurs Forum), a non-governmental organization dedicated to providing advice to women entrepreneurs so that they can expand their businesses. One such training program, is your business development programme, Hundreds of women from his country followed him. The economist is currently working with the TechPower Project, a program that aims to develop technology skills in high school girls so that they have better job prospects and can even pursue a career in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

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