Free PlayStation Plus Games Announced for January: Maneater, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, and Greedfall


PlayStation Plus subscribers can start 2021 with an impressive array of free games – Maneater, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, and Greedfall. While PlayStation 5 users can get all three of the games, PlayStation 4 users will only get free access to the last two. Since Sony launched the next-gen PS5 in November, it has been looking to offer a free game exclusively for the new console. With Maneater, it looks like the ball has been set. The PlayStation 5 version of the title was specifically upgraded to showcase the console’s hardware prowess, including support for ray tracing and 4K 60fps resolution. PS5 players can also access the other two titles via backward compatibility.

All three games will be available for download from Tuesday, January 5 to February 1, the company announced on Blog post. Both PS5 and PS4 players will still have access to Past months Free game lineup – Just Cause 4, Rocket Arena, and Worms Rumble – through Monday, January 4. As an added bonus for PS5 owners, it will be the standalone launch title Bugsnax Still available In the final round of downloads until January 4. Here’s a quick look at the free games on offer for PS Plus subscribers in January:


If you’ve seen the classic Steven Spielberg movie Jaws, you shouldn’t have much trouble understanding what the Maneater is about. It starts out as a baby shark (Do do do what i doYour goal is to become a major predator by chomping on humans and other water monsters. An open RPG, or SharkPG, is actually a lot of fun. It involves a surprisingly detailed leveling structure, and there is a certain pleasure in seeing your little fish grow into a super powerful monster. Executing a perfect killing might not require a lot of skill, but the game provides enough options for players to find their own playing style at their own pace.

If you use PlayStation 4, you can purchase the game via the PlayStation Store for rupee. 2499/ $ 39.99.

Shadow Tomb Raider

Chapter three in a trilogy restarting the Lara Croft franchise, Shadow Tomb Raider Adventurer continues Lara’s journey from the 2015 film Rise of the Tomb Raider as the adventurer races through the wild jungles of South America to stop the end of the Mayan world. Although an Action-RPG might not be as great as the first two titles in the series, it still offers some unforgettable moments and tense confrontations, making it a good enough title to spend a few hours with, especially since it’s free.

If you are not PlayStation Plus Subscriber, you can purchase the title via the PlayStation Store for rupee. 874/ $ 14.99.


Developed by French studio Spiders, Greedfall allows players to dive deep into the world of old-school RPG mechanics as they explore a medieval island and fend off invaders and supernatural threats while experiencing a surprisingly engaging storyline. Greedfall, which is a huge hit, is sure to keep players busy for hours.

If you do not subscribe to PlayStation Plus, you can purchase the game from PlayStation Store rupee. 2,999/ $ 49.99.

As always, you will need an active PlayStation Plus subscription to be able to have ongoing access to the games once they are added to your library. PlayStation Plus Subscriptions Available in India at Rs. 499 for a month of Rs. 1199 for three months and Rs. 2,999 for 12 months.

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