This mythical space cloud is arranging our departure for 2020


Sometimes, the universe provides the best way to express our feelings.

A space cloud 7,500 light-years away has given us goodbye by 2020 to contemplate a waste fire.

This small component is part of a larger cloud complex known as the Carina Nebula, which under normal conditions does not assign a state of its own. However, due to its unique size, scientists call it the defensive finger.

It looks exactly like this – Indications for the elderly “Go and do horrible things for yourself,” “go, but more dirty words.”

(NASA, European Space Agency, N. Smith / UC Berkeley, Hubble Herd Team / STSCI / ARA)

In fact, the different finger is known as Bock Global. They are small, dark, dusty, dense gas stars, often in the shape of a star. As a cloud cube area, they will be under the influence of their own gravity and begin to rotate in the star.

Challenge Finger is made of the same material as the six solar masses, which can be built inside; It’s hard to see inside because it’s so dense. Glare from external sources that can be seen from bright nearby stars.

(NASA, European Space Agency, N. Smith / UC Berkeley, Hubble Heritage Team / STSCI / ARA)

Since they are young, they are usually bright and warm, and with the help of radiation they explode everywhere. The outer surface of the various finger balls may be lit and ionized by the Wolf Wright star. WR25, A short-lived giant star at the end of his life; Tr16 – 244Hot, young beast or a combination of the two.

But as it burns, it destroys these stars as well: slowly but surely, the sticky finger evaporates. According to current estimates of human damage, the average life expectancy of dust mites is only 200,000 to 1 million years.

It is neither too long nor too long in cosmic terms. But it takes a long time to make a poetic statement: crying in the void, a cunning gesture confronts the inevitability. A very convenient way to close the door in 2020.

Thanks space. Bring 2021.

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