From the shalan to the natural medicine seller – El Sol de Acapulco


Forged into the culture of effort, Christian preferred to stop being Chalan and become Natural medicine expert salesman Following a therapeutic procedure based on herbal medicine (medicinal plants).

In a small stronghold on the sidewalk of Cuauhtemoc Street, he installed a leaf and displayed a variety of medicinal plants, which They treat from a simple flu to a headache, and even the most serious ailments.

He explained that he learned about the trade from one of his aunts and could recognize that the sick person was suffering, “I just asked him what hurts him and I gave him the right medicine, then they visited me and I really recovered.”

He said that he used to work as a sloth in an urban truck, where the driver gives him a little of his earnings, depending on how the day draws, so he better looked for his aunt and began to sell medicinal plants, he learned well and became independent.

Do you think you are ready to consult and sell natural medicine?

Of course I am prepared, my aunt taught me well and I have my clients, who are looking for me because I have given them medicinal plants, if they are cured, ‘When a sick person comes to me, I quickly recognize his illness.

But if their natural remedy recipes are effective?

Look, I explained to you, I read that there is an interrelationship between the human body and nature, so that the health of the environment is closely related, so if you take the right dose you will be cured of the disease you suffer.

But it’s a big responsibility, isn’t it?

Of course, that is why you have to decide what kind of plants will be used for each disease and prescribe it to the patient, but it is not just a matter of taking natural medicine, it should also be given great attention.

Thus, this “expert” in physical therapy patronizes his select clients, who are inclined towards natural medicine and not towards medical professionals.

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