From TV Azteca to the US ?: Laura G could be in negotiations with another TV station

According to some versions, Laura G could be in negotiations with a TV station in the US (Foyo: Instagram lauragii)

After extensive experience in Televisa, Laura G joined the ranks The joy comes In September 2019 and since then it has become one of the important drivers for Azteca TV. However, Recent releases indicate that an entertainer may be in negotiations with a US television station.

If the news is confirmed, it will be TV star, Which is a Mexican-American television network that broadcasts its content in the Spanish language and is affiliated with a media company Middle star. This was announced by “chamonic3”, an Instagram account dedicated to entertainment news.

“I told you, Laura G. was in Los Angeles, California. Looks like she said she’s coming, it’s going to be a round trip.” He came for the vaccine, plus an interview, plus negotiations with TV star.“He has already returned to Mexico today,” the social media news account said.

According to the Instagram account "Chamonic 3", The host may be in negotiations with the TV network "TV star", Although Laura G has yet to confirm this version (Photo: Instagram @ chamonic3)
According to the Instagram account “chamonic3”, the host may be in negotiations with Estrella TV, although Laura G has not confirmed the copy yet (Photo: Instagram @ chamonic3)

Although the driver Azteca TV He hasn’t confirmed or denied the news yet, he has documented his trip to the US and uploaded a picture with his family. What is more He shared photos with Omar Chabarro in his Instagram stories because he participated in the eponymous comedian show To Night.

“Why did you come to Los Angeles?” , The artist asked her followers and confirmed that the correct answer was “with Omar Shabarro.”This broadcast, led by a Mexican actor, revolves around a Late night show Various personalities from the middle come to be interviewed, among them Facundo, Lobello Rivera, Jaime Camille, among others.

Meanwhile, Laura G maintains her daily post on a mornings day Azteca TVShe was recently accused of being late. This is after the character Margarita MacKenziePerformance by “El Capi” Perez, Note that the driver does not respect the time of entry Come joy Which starts at 8:55 AM.

Via her Instagram account, Laura G documented her trip to Los Angeles and that she was with Omar Chapparro to appear on his show. "To Night" (Image: Instagram lauragii)
Through her Instagram account, Laura G documented her trip to Los Angeles and that she was with Omar Chapparro to appear on his show “Tu-Night” (Photo: Instagram @ lauragii)

“Look at this picture that’s 8:53 and 50 seconds long,” MacKenzie said, showing a video in which he appears Laura G has arrived at the studio barefoot, while someone from the production chases after her to hook up a lavalier microphone. Next, the hostess sits on the edge of the stage to put on some sneakers and then walks in to join her teammates, who are ready to welcome the show, but first. Makeup artists are rushing to finish fixing it before Come joy Go straight.

After showing this evidence, “El Capi” character Perez questioned the broadcaster, and he replied, “Margarita, My bosses know very well that I will never arrive early because I am not getting help at homeI don’t have people to help me, I woke up, I arrange the beds, make breakfast, and change my kids And the agreement with my husband to work as a family is that I actually leave them with breakfast and ready for him to take them to school, for this reason. I am not very combed and furrowed as I would rather do it over the production, Truth”.

In this section of the morning, Laura G was not the only one to be referenced, as other presenters were also referenced, as was the case with Patricio Borghetti for improper cell phone use. He added, “I have received many complaints about this supervised production, like a pebble in my shoes.” Margarita MacKenzie.

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