G7 leaders mock photos of topless Putin

G7 leaders mock photos of topless Putin

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his Canadian counterpart Justin Trudeau mocked a picture of Russian President Vladimir Putin on a horse without a shirt during the first meeting of the Group of Seven summit in Elmau, southern Germany.

Johnson asked the other G7 leaders around the table if he should wear his jacket. “We all have to show that we are stronger than Putin,” he said.

In response, Trudeau stated that it would be necessary to “ride a bare-breasted horse,” referring to a propaganda photo released by the Kremlin.

This Sunday is the first of three days of the G7 summit in Elmau in the German Alps, and the meeting precedes the NATO summit scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday in Madrid.

Putin, who values ​​his athletic image, has been photographed several times shirtless in photos released by Russian state media, including one in which he rode a brown horse wearing sunglasses, gold chain and military pants.

G7 leaders discussed efforts to further isolate Russia over its invasion of Ukraine, which killed thousands and displaced millions from their homes. Britain, Canada, Japan and the United States announced measures to ban imports of Russian gold. The G7 also includes France, Italy and Germany.

Information from Europa Press and Reuters.

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