GiveDirectly, the NGO that distributes money to people who need it

GiveDirectly, the NGO that distributes money to people who need it

GiveDirectly is a non-profit organization founded in 2009 that seeks to address extreme poverty by directly donating money to people in need. The organization works in several African countries, including Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, and Malawi, and has provided more than $500 million to more than 1 million families to date. It is the fastest growing non-profit organization in the world.

Since many rural residents do not own cell phones, GiveDirectly provides them with very simple cell phones that usually cost $14. These are deducted from your cash grant.

The idea behind GiveDirectly is simple yet effective. Instead of directly providing food, shelter, education or health services, the organization provides cash transfers directly to people in need. The money is given without strings attached, which means that people can use it in the way they think is most beneficial for themselves and their families.

Advantages and disadvantages

The basic concept of Give directly It has many advantages. First of all, it allows people to fully control their own destiny. Instead of relying on the decisions of others, people can make informed decisions and take steps to improve their financial situation. This, in turn, can help boost a sense of empowerment and self-esteem.

Second, direct cash delivery can be a very effective way to combat extreme poverty. In many cases, people living in extreme poverty do not have access to significant financial resources and are therefore unable to invest in opportunities that can help them lift themselves out of poverty. By directly providing a cash transfer, GiveDirectly can help these individuals overcome this hurdle and gain access to significant financial resources.

Third, direct cash delivery can be a very effective way to provide assistance to people in need. Unlike other methods that may require significant resources, personnel, and time to implement, direct cash delivery can be much simpler and more straightforward. This can significantly reduce the costs and time required to provide assistance.

Of course, there are some potential drawbacks to this approach. A common concern is that people who receive direct cash transfers may not use the money responsibly, but research for the charity indicates that most of it goes for food, medical and educational expenses, durable goods, home improvements, and social events.

Is the system perfect? No, there are possibilities for fraud and coercion, but to minimize these risks, GiveDirectly employs field personnel who meet face-to-face with recipients, as well as a team of telephone managers and internal auditors who follow up on reports of fraud and irregularities.

Overall, GiveDirectly is an innovative and effective organization that addresses extreme poverty in a new and exciting way. By providing cash transfers directly to those in need, the organization helps empower people, combat extreme poverty and deliver aid more efficiently and effectively.

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