Paraguay proposes, on behalf of landlocked developing countries, increased investment, integration and cooperation

Within the framework of the Fifth United Nations Conference on the Least Developed Countries, Paraguay made a statement in the general debate on behalf of landlocked developing countries on the theme of the conference, “From potential to prosperity”, highlighting at all times an opportunity to ensure that the least developed countries are not left behind in ambition To achieve its full potential and progress on the path of sustainable development.

In his speech, the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Raoul Silvani, emphasized that the LLDCs support the development of the least developed countries. He also urged the community to redouble its efforts to help these countries, pointing out that their composition overlaps with the formation of other groups of countries facing special situations, such as landlocked development and small island developing states. It should be noted that 17 of the 32 landlocked countries simultaneously belong to the category of least developed countries.

In this regard, he recommended, on behalf of the Landlocked Developing Countries, measures for the urgent implementation of the new Doha Work Program for the Least Developed Countries over the next decade.

First, with inflation high and growth slow, investment and financing must increase, particularly in infrastructure development through official development assistance.

Secondly, foreign investment from the private sector helps bridge resource gaps and transfer knowledge and skills.

Finally, LDCs need more international cooperation and global partnerships.

In a second intervention on behalf of the Republic of Paraguay, the Deputy Foreign Minister thanked the State of Qatar for organizing this important multilateral event, especially in light of the intertwined series of crises, including COVID-19, climate change, food insecurity and the debt crisis, which rekindled and strengthened the promise. With fast, lasting and comprehensive recovery.

For Paraguay, he added, international cooperation and solidarity should govern our efforts to fulfill promises and responsibilities, taking into account the unequal levels of development.

46 delegations at the level of heads of state and government (presidents, vice presidents, prime ministers and deputy prime ministers) and 130 high-level delegations (ministers, deputy ministers and permanent representatives to the United Nations) are participating in the conference.

It should be noted that in 2024 the Third United Nations Conference on Landlocked Developing Countries will be held in Kigali (Uganda).

Doha, March 7, 2023

Paraguay proposes, on behalf of landlocked developing countries, increased investment, integration and cooperation

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