A girl recounts the questions she was asked in the United States for being Hispanic

Laura in a viral TikTok video

  • Laura is a young woman from Galicia who used to work as an exchange in the United States

  • The young woman had to face endless, meaningless questions

  • He wanted to collect and share on his TikTok profile some of the most surreal and amazing stuff

We’ve been watching American movies all our lives and we think we know everything about the US, but that’s not true; They don’t know everything about Spain. Moreover, several videos have gone viral in recent weeks so that you can see the comments and situations that young Spaniards had to face when they went to other countries.

Some Erasmus students tell of what they were told in the United States for being Spanish

What’s more, in the last few hours a career Laura, a young woman from Galicia who used to work as an exchange in the United States and to whom, during her stay there, she was asked the most surreal question: “What do you think is the most absurd?” Laura wrote alongside the video, which has already amassed over 477,000 views and thousands of comments.

Laura was on exchange in the US and now, She wanted to tell through TikTok how she lived this experience, She has made several videos talking about the subject, one of the most striking of which is the one in which she recounts the questions she was asked during her stay there simply because she was Spanish.

The most ridiculous questions

Laura’s video about the most ridiculous questions I’ve been asked has been going strong since then The first is: “What part of Mexico do you live in?” , Assuming Spain is inside Mexico. “Do you like tacos? What part of South America are you from? You see, from the questions from Mexico, she’s not very good at geography,” explained the young woman.

However, that’s not all, as he went on to say Questions such as: “Have you ever traveled by plane? No, you came to the US from Spain by boat.”. He continues, “Not to mention the legendary… Do you have a car? Do you have WiFi? What’s up… Well, only one person told me this, but I was a little freaked out: Do you have popcorn?”

Obviously some The people Laura met during her exchange had never known Spain so well: “A girl in the church asked me what funerals are like in Spain, is the coffin also uncovered so that the person can be seen or if it is covered,” the young woman continues.

In addition, he revealed that “for them, not wearing pajamas or leggings is already very elegant,” as they frequently asked him. According to the time difference: “What time is it?”.

All these questions greatly surprised his followers And her video was filled with comments from people who don’t believe what Laura says: “For them, everyone who speaks Spanish is Mexican,” “You’d be surprised at the questions they ask you in Spain for being Latino,” or “It’s been the same thing for 30 years,” not Only some of them.

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