good and bad

It is common for the same event to produce both negative and positive consequences in a serendipitous manner. Hence the phrase “bad and good”. This happened in recent weeks for Mexico, in the areas of sports, health, Covid, poverty and the judiciary. It’s worth a quick counterbalance to nearly all of these simultaneous events.

Tokyo Olympics

The bad: the Mexican delegation disaster with 4 bronze and 85th place, after Kenya, Jamaica, Iran, Uganda, Ecuador, Venezuela! Fiji, Bermuda, San Marino. With 65 athletes, the Dominican Republic has 1 medal x all 13, Jamaica with 58 1 x 6.4, and the United States with 162, 1 x 40.5. (Islah 9/August). 15 global economy!

The good news: the great effort our athletes put in despite not being regulated in high-performance sports, starting with Ana Guevara’s Konadi. When do we understand that an outstanding athlete is not a good sports director, did swimming improve when Tibeau was in charge? A special mention to our football team under the right technical guidance of Jaime Lozano. They gave us four excellent matches, especially against the eastern teams of South Korea (6-3) and hosts Japan (3-1), unforgettable! Thank you so much guys.


The bad news: Konival reports an increase of 3.8 million poor (from 51.9 to 55.7) and an increase in extreme poverty by 2 million (8.7 to 10.8) between 2018 and 2020. The basket, despite living in the 15th largest economy in the world.

The good: measure it with hard data and avoid making miscalculations that prevent us from fighting it effectively. The Oaxaca case by Alejandro Murat is an illustrative case. Poverty in his state decreased by 2.7 points and moved from the penultimate position (31) to the 29th position.

Electoral Tribunal of the Federal Judicial Power

The bad news: the ongoing administrative deterioration and with it the credibility of the institution due to its president, Jose Luis Vargas, was investigated for illicit enrichment and uncontrolled expenditures by the UIF and FGR, but also for his discretionary decisions and insulting his peers, without ruling out his degeneration of central authority.

The good news: the dismissal of Judge Vargas as President of the Court in front of the upright standing of Judge (Janine Otalora) and Judges (Fuentes, Infante, Reyes and de la Mata) to finally wake up enough already! And put an end to their violations, and appoint an alternative to defend the independence and status of the institution.

The Case of the Standing Committee of the Press and the Islands and the Zaldivar Case

The bad news: the unnecessary wear and tear of four months, validating the unconstitutional decision of lawmakers to include a temporary extension of their two-year term. In hindsight, the chief constitutional guardian anticipated Minister Franco’s decision declaring that he would not accept from the outset what was unacceptable: the extension of his term.

The good news: legal reason ended up being imposed: the Constitution prevails over a temporary ordinary and spurious article, as provided in Article 133- In a careful decision, Minister Franco classified Article 13 of the law as a “contradiction” with Article 97 of the Constitution, which makes it “unworkable”. Since the response to an inquiry cannot render the above provision legally unconstitutional, we will have to wait for the decision on the unconstitutionality procedure. At the moment, the Minister, who is nearing retirement, is coming out the wide door by putting in the unquestionable position of a strong refusal! For a constitutional violation, which fortunately did not work.


There is nothing bad nor good, even catastrophic, to diversify Lopez Gatell’s management of the pandemic. We unleashed the delta variant, with the third wave, we’re at over three million infections, over three hundred thousand deaths and again hospitals are on the verge of saturation.

Instructor/researcher at UNAM.

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