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The Taliban militia entered the Afghan capital, Kabul, completing its rapid occupation of the country in parallel with the exit of the last US forces. After capturing most of the provincial capitals this week, in almost all cases with little opposition, the capital has been besieged by the Taliban since early morning, awaiting a peaceful transition.

A few hours later, President Ashraf Ghani left the country, with US support, while the Taliban finally entered the city to prevent robberies that took place before the security forces, they said, fled the militants’ presence on the capital’s streets. The city witnessed by Evie.

“In order to prevent looting in Kabul and not harm the people, the Islamic Emirate (as the Taliban calls itself) ordered its forces to enter the areas of Kabul from which the enemy came,” the Taliban said in a statement. Declaration. They had previously asserted that they would enter Kabul only after a peaceful transfer of power; But they insisted that residents “should not fear the Mujahideen.”

They stressed that their fighters will enter the city “quietly and will not interfere with anyone, and the military and civilian government employees must trust that they will not be harmed.” They ruled that “no combatant is allowed to enter any house, or to torture or disturb anyone.”

Meanwhile, Western powers are rushing to try to evacuate their diplomatic staff, citizens who remained in the country, or Afghan workers who cooperated with foreigners from the capital. While awaiting this evacuation, the United States and other Western countries have moved their embassy staff to Kabul Airport, which has become a temporary headquarters for diplomacy as preparations for departure from Afghanistan are hastily processed.

Speaking to ABC News, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said work was underway “to ensure the safety and security of our staff. We are moving men and women from our embassy to a location at the airport.” Blinken did not want to confirm at all whether the embassy compound in Kabul would be closed and deserted, but reiterated that the “minimum diplomatic presence” that the United States decided to maintain in the Afghan capital would operate from the airport while the rest of the country was evacuated. a personality.

This weekend, a majority of the 4,000 US military that the Pentagon has decided to send to the Afghan capital is expected to arrive in Kabul to evacuate most of the US embassy staff and Afghan citizens. This evacuation has already begun, with helicopters arriving and then leaving the US Embassy in Kabul.

Other countries such as Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom and Spain have also announced the upcoming evacuation of part of their embassy staff and other Afghan nationals with their families who have worked alongside them during these two decades, although the Taliban’s entry into Kabul could complicate plans.

France or Germany has also moved its diplomatic missions, while Spain will evacuate all its embassy staff and hundreds of Afghans who cooperated during Spanish military missions and cooperation projects from Afghanistan, Efe diplomatic sources said today. The sources explained that the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Defense closed the logistical support, the number of people who will be returned and the aircraft that will be used in this mission, noting that as soon as conditions allow, the evacuation will begin, which will begin. It also includes Afghans, diplomatic staff, embassy officials and security personnel, as well as the six Spaniards registered as residents of Afghanistan.

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