The disappearance of a Ugandan athlete who was to participate in Tokyo 2021


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One Ugandan Olympic Team Athlete, who was training in a city in western Japan before starting Olympic Games within a week, not calculated, Friday also confirmed this to evey Local authorities.

Officials from the town of Izumisano in Osaka Prefecture (west), where the African delegation has accommodation and training facilities before the competition, noted the absence of a weightlifter. Julius Siketoliko, 20, when he didn’t show up today for his required daily covid-19 test.

When they went to look for him in his room, it was not:

At 12:20 we called the police and the officials available went to look for him, but he is still missing”, detailing over the phone the person in charge of Olympic affairs for City Council.

the athlete He was in the room in the middle of the previous night, according to his colleagues.

it’s about One of the nine athletes in the team who was in isolation after discovering two positives in Covid Upon arriving in the country on June 19, he continued to undergo daily tests stipulated in the Tokyo 2020 anti-virus regulations.

“consequences All tests have been negative so farThe official explained the tests that all members of the Ugandan team underwent.

Strict regulations are set for the celebration Tokyo Games ‘bubble’ amid epidemic Athletes or other event participants are prohibited from traveling anywhere other than their hotelTraining venue or locations previously approved by the organization.

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