Graph medicine, a book detailing how diseases are reversed

Graph medicine, a book detailing how diseases are reversed

This work is a writing related to the use of graphology in medicine, and as a thank you Guatemala, a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the book will be donated to the DAR AMOR organization in Guatemala.

Guatemala. Spanish graphologist and writer Jesús Delgado and Guatemalan physician Omar Alejandro Morales presented Grapho Medicina’s work, which is for sale in Sophos, De Museo and Academie Lumiere bookstores.

This book aims to give a different view of health from a very curious point of view: what the message can reveal about health and, more importantly, what can be done about it. This thesis analyzes a series of behavioral diseases and diseases that show that writing is a reflection of it, because the brain reflects it while writing.

Grafo Medicina presents an analysis of how writing contributes to the detection of certain diseases, their stage at a given moment and their progression or remission. This is the first in a series of books in which we will continue to explore and present different diseases and how they manifest themselves in writing.commented Jesús Delgado Lorenzo, co-author of Grafo Medicina

Far from gestures, the looks that reveal who a person is, how they are and what their intentions are, in writing they turn and express the depths of being. So much so that it reflects (not accurately diagnoses) gastrointestinal diseases, eating disorders such as bulimia and anorexia, addictive behaviors such as alcoholism, and symptoms of nervous system decline and neurological damage, among others.

The themes in this book should not be studied in isolation. You must see them all to make a note of the possible illness suffered by the person who made the writing. With this note, the person should be directed to the medical professional, who will be the only one who should perform medical diagnostic examinations to resolve the disease.stated Dr. Omar Alejandro Morales, co-author of the work.

With a tint of help and benefit to society

In addition to being a contribution to current medicine, the Grafomedicina book will become a means of providing support for the projects of Dar Amor Guatemala. A non-profit foundation that seeks to help the residents of Tecpan, Chimaltenango, who live in extreme poverty. This will be achieved because a portion of the money raised will be donated to this cause.

Calligraphy expert

Jesús Delgado holds a degree in Graphic Psychology and graduated from the Autonomous University of Barcelona and the Faculty of Forensic Medicine and obtained his PhD from Hospital de Sant Pau and Santa Cruz de Barcelona. In the same study house he studied law and private security management. He also studied public security at the Police School in Catalonia.

He is a professor of conditional graphology at the University of Girona and also a certified professor in scientific policing by the Generalitat Valenciana, as well as in the General Directorate for the Security and Protection of Citizens and in the Valencia Institute of Public Security (IVAS), as well as in scientific policing by the Government of Cantabria.

Also, a forensic forensic expert in documentary forgery and document theorizing and a police technical advisor in forensic graphology for the Barcelona Metropolitan Police. He was awarded the Order of Merit in his silver category awarded by the Police and the Barcelona City Council for the police investigation which clarifies the Spanish origin of America’s discoverer Christopher Columbus. In addition, he received the Barcelona City Council’s Civic Duty Gold Medal for the attack on Las Ramblas in Barcelona in August 2017.

Gravo Medicina is his fifth work, the previous one Christopher Columbus, his origin and life investigated using police techniques XXI, report the true identity of Jack the Ripper to the police, tell me how you write and I will tell you how you are.

Binary in favor of medical developments

In addition to all the expertise in graphology, the Grapho Medicina book has been supplemented by the knowledge of physician and surgeon Omar Morales. He graduated from the University of San Carlos de Guatemala with a master’s degree in general surgery from the Guatemalan Institute of Social Security from the same house of studies, in addition to being a professor in the chair of general surgery.

He has several European certifications in leadership, coaching, neurolinguistics, and psychographology, and has also developed as an international speaker.

He is the author of books The art of being healthyAnd The feelings that accompany the disease and its antidotesBeside Live lightly, without stress. In addition, he is the creator of the BETS (Body, Emotions, Thoughts, Spirit) methodology for health.

fountain. Dar Amor Guatemala

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