Grupo Coppel joins the UN Anti-Corruption Day


Mexico: In the framework of the International Day Against Corruption, promoted by the United Nations on December 9, Grupo Coppel affirms its commitment and responsibility to build a fair and transparent business environment. The Business Integrity Program that governs Grupo Coppel includes specific procedures and policies in each of its operations, it states in a statement, to avoid actions that do not fall within the framework of the law, in order to allow the healthy development of business in Mexico.

Among the actions that are performed are:

Contracts with third parties have non-negotiable anti-corruption clauses, to generate a culture of zero tolerance inside and outside the group.

Due diligence filters are in place to ensure that supplies are in compliance with ethical and legal standards.

Personnel are recruited according to criteria of suitability for the job and skills.

Contributions and donations are made only for charitable purposes and community support, as they have been approved by the Ethics and Compliance Committee.

Any corporate contribution for electoral purposes is prohibited.

Absolute refusal to offer, deliver or receive gifts or donations for improper purposes.

Terry Cabrera, Legal Director of Compliance and Regulatory Links for Grupo Coppel commented: “Within the company, it is not permitted to receive, offer, promise or give any gift, service or interest, whether in cash or in kind. directly or through third parties, in order to affect to grant or obtain an advantage.

According to the Rule of Law 2021 ranking, prepared by the Global Justice Project, Mexico ranks 135th globally in corruption, ahead of countries like Uganda and Cameroon and behind Afghanistan, Bolivia, and Kenya, to name a few. The measurement recognizes the multi-dimensionality of the problem and takes corruption as one of the factors that indicate the order and stability of the region.

According to the study, Mexico slipped 14 places compared to last year, so a total effort to reverse these numbers is essential. Companies must adopt corporate integrity policies and, above all, make them effective to prevent and internally punish any improper act.

Building a corruption-free society depends on everyone, on the basis of day-to-day business. Through its Business Integrity Program and its Anti-Corruption Policy, Grupo Coppel, within the framework of its 80th anniversary, affirms its commitment to legality, responsibility, integrity and honesty.

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