Harvey: Emma Klein’s book takes her story from a rapist’s perspective

Harvey: Emma Klein’s book takes her story from a rapist’s perspective

How does a serial rapist think? The new book by acclaimed writer “The Girls” explores the mind of Harvey Weinstein the day before he received his verdict.

Coming out to the crowd today, March 10, and this time, embarrassing novelist Emma Klein found something a lot more modern and disturbing than the Charles Manson Sect Girl whose first novel was: #MeToo’s sinister mind, Harvey Weinstein.

24 hours after his verdict, in a borrowed home in Connecticut, Harvey wakes up sweaty and shaken, but full of confidence: This is America, and in America those like him have not been convicted.

They tried to destroy his reputation, but they did not succeed, and on the same day fate tells him how to finish restoring it; It turns out that the familiar face of his next-door neighbor is that of writer Don Delillo, and Harvey has already imagined: the incapable novel, finally turned into a movie; The perfect alliance between ambition and prestige in the service of his return. However, over time, she quickly begins to fill in ominous annoying signs; Deepening fissures in Harvey’s confidence …

“To avoid the more frequent angles of a subject often illuminated by one light, to resort to injections of humor and to profoundly benefit from interactions between characters, Emma Klein and Harvey build a hacking camera piece that is funny and disturbing by turns,” he offers us the summary. “I don’t know what is more wonderful if it is the way Emma Klein understands humans or her mastery of language” (Mark Haddon).

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