Disney insists that Black Widow will premiere in May


If all goes according to Disney’s plans, it appears to be a Disney movie Black Widow The next will be released for sure May 7 In the United States.

Despite speculation in recent weeks that the pandemic may cause a new delay at the premiere of the upcoming Marvel Studios movie, Disney’s CEO recently confirmed that they still have no intention of changing their strategy for this launch.

to me final dateDuring his presentation to the company’s investors last Tuesday, Bob emphasized the complexity of that Black Widow It plans to hit theaters in early May.

“As we said, we think it is important to put the consumer accountable and let them decide how they want to enjoy our movies, especially as we deal with the pandemic.” He noted tangles after discussing the launch dIt is a raya and another dragon. We are really excited about the full list of films available to us. Next up is Black Widow, which is currently opening in theaters on May 7. “

In the original Marvel Studios plan, Black Widow It was supposed to be presented as the company’s first installment of “Phase 4”, however, even though it has now finally managed to fulfill its release date, it will arrive after WandaVision s Falcon and Winter Soldier.

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