HBO Max will shoot a series based on “The Batman” after the movie’s success

HBO Max will shoot a series based on “The Batman” after the movie’s success
This content was published on March 09, 2022 – 23:44

Los Angeles (USA), March 9 (EFE). HBO Max, WarnerMedia’s television platform, will be filming a series that continues the plot of “The Batman” and will star Colin Farrell as Penguin (“The Penguin”), one of the film’s villains.

The company announced the project on Wednesday, fueled in large part by a good reception for the latest installment of “Batman,” which grossed nearly $300 million in its first week in theaters around the world.

In the US alone, Robert Pattinson’s debut as the new Bruce Wayne (the true Batman identity) surpassed all expectations with a gross of $134 million over its opening weekend, becoming the second highest-grossing movie since the pandemic began, after Spider-Man: Nowhere. for home.”

In other words, the dazzling premiere generated a box office revenue in three days that was higher than the entire commercial series for strips like “Dune,” the second most-nominated movie for the 2022 Academy Awards with ten nominations.

The Batman director Matt Reeves will produce the series “The Penguin” that will bring the character back to life after the end of the movie.

HBO Max was preparing another series about Gotham City’s corruption and that it would serve as a prequel to the tape, but sources consulted by Deadline stress that the idea has been ignored.

Reeves promised during a screening of “Batman” at Warner Bros. Studios. EFE: “We’re trying to launch this universe and if the world accepts it, we have many possibilities.”

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