You can see it coming: Morbius has a major meltdown in its second weekend

You can see it coming: Morbius has a major meltdown in its second weekend

Morbius- 21%, directed by Daniel Espinosa, is wrapping up its second weekend in global theaters, and although it has been confirmed in recent days that the film has exceeded its expectations despite the first poor reviews, it has now suffered a record drop in terms of its weekly collection. . To tell the truth, it’s nothing surprising, it’s been seen coming, but that doesn’t mean it affects production, especially if they’re considering making future sequels.

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Critics weren’t kind to a movie starring Jared Leto, and some specialists even called it lazy and meaningless. This results in a very poor percentage on the platforms where premieres are rated, and unlike other films lucky enough to be saved by audiences, audience response Morbius It wasn’t the best either.

Those who have tried to defend an anti-hero movie point out that it is nothing more than an ordinary superhero movie that fulfills the task of entertaining the audience, but this is apparently not enough. Now the film has already exceeded $100 million worldwide, good news for a production that cost $75 million, but it’s bad if we take as a reference the impact of this type of film in recent times.

As stated in Character BookDropp off Morbius Since his first appearance on the big screen at 75%. Counting its starting showing of $39 million, the film has now come in at around $57 million in the United States alone. As disastrous as this sounds, what saves it from being the worst grossing superhero movie is the Fantastic Four – 9% of those who won $56 million and X-Men: Dark Phoenix – 29% of those who received $65 million had lower numbers and were more expensive.

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It’s likely to close this weekend with $72 million domestically and $129 million globally. Admittedly compared to the effect of Spider-Man: No Way Home – 92%, and even one of Venom: The Unleashed Carnage – 45%, which despite its poor rating did well at the box office, sounds awful for what those numbers might mean for Sony, but it’s still a worrying loss.

It has been speculated that with the film’s response it is unlikely that there will be a sequel to it, but it still provides a good path to what the company has sought to build in its Spider-Man or Venom-related universe, as are still at the door promising projects like Craven the fisherman also madam web. Plus, at least with the post-credits scene, it was suggested to give continuity to the villain six’s presence, something fans of these comics will appreciate.

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On the other hand, the reactions of the participants in the film drew attention. Jared Letofor example, showed enthusiasm for his character and was already seen inside the franchise in the future, while Smith who was never clear about where his character was, died, and Daniel EspinosaThe director commented that there were critics who preferred not to read it and sought to retain something of those who contributed rather than simply attacking his film.

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