Official! There will be a sixth Scream movie

Official!  There will be a sixth Scream movie

Production will start in the same year 2022.

After the success that has been scream 5 Both in terms of money and reviews, Paramount Pictures confirms it There will be a new bar of franchise.

Ten years later scream 4Paramount was surprised by the release of the fifth installment of the killer ghost face. Despite initial doubts, the new scream It was very well received Open the door for the arrival of the sixth movie.

next tape Scream We will get James Vanderbilt and Jay Busick Dealing with text, while Matt Bettenelli Olbin and Tyler Gillette They come back as directors.

New movie production It will start in the same year 2022It is unknown when it will be shown in theaters.

Paramount Pictures took advantage of the announcement to thank fans for the huge reception Scream 5 has received.

“We are so grateful to the fans around the world who received our film with enthusiasm. We can’t wait for audiences to see what Silence Radio, Jimmy, Guy and Project X have in store for the Woodsboro family.”

From its theatrical release in mid-January so far, Scream 5 has made money 107,886,825 million dollars around the world.

source: The Hollywood Reporter

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