He broke the wall of language in science

In an expensive area As with the world, public investment is never enough and always requires fresh support to advance. We must not forget that just as the use of the word distinguishes us from the rest of the animals, so does the use of reason, and science does not cease to be all knowledge or knowledge formed through observation, methodology, and a logical study of nature, society and thought. In other words, science is everything that facilitates our life and gives a logical explanation for it. Something like philosophy put it into practice. In the twenty-first century, thousands of years after science was born like this, much remains to be understood and what remains to be investigated. To make this possible, it is necessary not only to allocate a part of citizens’ taxes to this item, but also to establish international relations that facilitate the exchange of knowledge as a means of further progress. In this sense, Spain, and thus Galicia, is fortunate, because although it is generally said that the language of science is English, there is a whole group of Latin American countries that also use Spanish and Portuguese as languages ​​for the transmission of knowledge. that are born. Joining them and agreeing on common policies in this area will lay the foundations for the future.

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