MOLINA DE SEGURA / UMU brings science to Molina de Segura with its second week of science culture

MOLINA DE SEGURA / UMU brings science to Molina de Segura with its second week of science culture

The second Week of Scientific Culture, which is celebrated in Molina de Segura from November 6 to 11, includes a set of activities programmed by the Ministry of Culture and Citizen Participation of the Molina de Segura City Council, the permanent headquarters of the University of Murcia in Molina de Segura and the Scientific Culture Unit and Innovation (UCC + i) of the University Agency for Transport, Communication and Scientific Publishing at UMU, in collaboration with the Molina de Segura Foundation for Medical Studies and the Federation of Inland Biology in the same municipal area.

The program will have activities for all tastes. Thus, on Sunday, November 6 at 12:00 noon, the MurCiencia-tourist-scientific route, established by UC + i of the UMU, will be held. Under the guidance of science interviewer David Messiger, attendees will be able to learn about the ins and outs of famous people who planted science and maintained a close relationship with the city of Murcia, such as Marie Curie or José Echigaray. Registration is done through the council at 968 38 85 19.

On Tuesday, November 8, an informative lecture, entitled “The Science of Heroes”, will be conducted by José Manuel López Nicolás, Vice President of the University for Transportation, Communication and Scientific Publishing at the institution and renowned scientific publisher. In this presentation, attendees will be able to discover the physics, chemistry or technology that hides behind elite sport in the casual way that characterizes López Nicolas.

There will also be room to learn about the historical legacy of the Murcia region through the conference “Past, History and Memory: What Happened, Happened?” On Wednesday, November 9, researchers from the College of Education Laura Arias Ferrer and Alejandro Igea will deconstruct some of society’s most entrenched historical hoaxes.

Both sessions will take place at the Molina de Segura Wall Enclave (MUDEM) at 6:00 pm, and admission will be free until full capacity.

The Week of Scientific Culture will be the final culmination of the activity “De Cañas con la Ciencia”, a meeting with young researchers in which topics of great interest or social interest to citizens can be explored, such as forensic analysis of the risks associated with antisocial behavior of adolescents or what role women have played Really into the history of art and why not know, among other small talks that will take place in the relaxed atmosphere of the Rockabilly Gastrobar at 7:30pm.

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