This is the key to success on Tinder according to science

This is the key to success on Tinder according to science

The dating apps It is becoming more and more popular. The trend now is “flirting” through applications whereby it is possible to meet more people in less time and manage “matches” with each other. To do this, we must create an attractive profile without distorting who we really are as well as trying to get good Photography, but the truth is that we shouldn’t think that the latter is what really decides whether or not someone is going to care about us. In fact, there is something else The key to success Tinder Science has revealed that now.

The key to success on Tinder according to science

be More than 50 millionAccording to Business of Apps data, Tinder users in the world, Which dominate among apps quotes. A large number of people who simply slide to the right or left decide whether they like the person on the screen or not.

Making a ‘match’ on Tinder seems to be a matter of physics Or at least a priori, but the truth is Science has actually shown itwhat people search In apps to find love It’s something more From “beautiful face” or attractive face and body.

a A recent study published in PLOS ONE who is in it Analysis of 308 features Those who have been searching for love online have come to the conclusion that the key to success on Tinder is more than just the body or appearance, being able to have an authentic script helps us show ourselves that we are smarter, fun and attractive.

Team Tilburg University (Netherlands) interviewed a total of 1234 people who often use apps like Tinder. They were able to view all 308 profiles, and from this they had to evaluate their personality and attractiveness.

The results of the investigation revealed that If a person writes texts identifying themselves as any other person does o List very common hobbies Doesn’t arouse much interestLike those who look different from the majority. In fact, the further away you are from the way all people define themselves, the more attractive you are.

How to get an interesting profile

After learning about this study and its results, many people may be wondering what it means to be an original text or what to write to be successful on Tinder. Investigation included second stage Find the keys to success.

At this stage Participants had to analyze 60 texts Thus vote for the 20 most authentic, the least 20 authentic and the 20 with average scores.

Those responsible for the study analyzed the classification of texts and came to the conclusion that Stylistic characteristics and the descriptive content of the profile are the two most valuable variables Assuming that the text is original. In this way, for example, using metaphors and good writing are winning points for people who read the text. It is also appreciated that the descriptions are very specific and that they go beyond the norm or commonplace, so giving general answers of the type “I like sunset walks on the beach” or “eating by candlelight”, is also visible.

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