The Generalitat creates the Santiago Grisolía Valencian Science Prize

The Generalitat creates the Santiago Grisolía Valencian Science Prize

The Generalitat published in the DOGV the decree establishing the Santiago Gresulia Valencia Science Prize With the aim of identifying and distinguishing research activities and promoting the development of science and its applications that are carried out in the Valencian Community, or that are the result of work done by persons from or associated with the Valencian Community.

The award will be announced annually and will have Two ways: Santiago Grisolia Prize for Professional Work in the Field of Scientific Research; and the Santiago Grisolía Prize for Research Projection for Young Scientists.

As stipulated in the decree regulating the award of the prize, it will be delivered in public law, at the invitation of the Presidency of the Generalitat, and which will be held in the Santiago Gresulia Hall of the Science Museum, in Ciutat de les Arts y les Ciències, in conjunction with world science and development day, That is, on November 10 or at the earliest.

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The jury responsible for deciding the awards will be appointed, on each call, from among persons of stature for their research career or for positions of institutional responsibility in the scientific field.

The decree also states that universities, higher research centers, institutes of technology, health research centers and other entities that are part of the Valencia innovation system He may propose nominations for prizes in each of its modalities.

Among the criteria for awarding the prize, the jury will take into account the contributions of the proposed persons to the advancement of knowledge in their fields of scientific specialization, as well as the importance that these developments may or may have for Valencian society, for the quality of life of its citizens or for the prosperity and sustainability of its production model.

By establishing this award, the Generalitat also intends to promote the publication and public recognition of scientific progress made thanks to the efforts of scientific professionals who were born or have a special connection with Valencian community.

Commemorating Professor Santiago Grisolia

The Confessions arise, as stated in the Edict of Creation, in order to perpetuate the memory of Professor Santiago Grisolia as a scholar from the Valencian region. Recognized internationally and as an advocate and promoter of culture at the service of the Valencian community.

From 1996 until the end of his life, Professor Santiago Grisolia held the presidency of Consell Valencià de Cultura, Established in the Statute of Autonomy as the highest advisory and advisory institution to the public institutions of the Valencian Community in matters of Valencian culture.

It must be remembered that Professor Santiago Grisolia’s contributions to scientific and cultural progress have earned him many prizes, such as the Prince of Asturias Prize for Scientific and Technical Research (1990), the High Medal of Excellence from the Generalitat (2007), and the Gold Medal for Merit in Research and University Teaching (2010) , or Grand Cross of the Order of Isabel La Cattolica (2018).

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