He found the abandoned dog house that hit the El Paso


a step- A husky was abandoned last Sunday on the Horizon City Road. The moment his owners took off his necklace and left it, was captured only in a video that went viral — garnering more than 120,000 views — that moved the El Paso community.

Authorities from the District Police Office (EPCSO) have taken action on the matter and are investigating an animal cruelty case to track down two people who left the pet.

However, the case had a happy ending: The Husky was adopted on Wednesday by a family who contacted volunteers from Huckleberry Hound Dog Rescue of El Paso, a non-profit organization. The pet even has a new name: Nanook.

“Any day. The puppy is safe in his new home. The family called him Nanook. Once it is ready, it will be officially adopted by them,” the volunteer group said via social networks.

Nanook, who is about 10 months old, was found in good condition, but had a lot of ticks. The video of the abandoned dog on the side of the road has been posted on various social media platforms and has been viewed more than a quarter of a million times. The photos show a man abandoning the dog on one side of the road; When the car drives off, the husky chases after her uselessly.

A disingenuous El Paso rescue volunteer who was looking for a pack of puppies allegedly abandoned in the Horizon City area saw two people pull a dog out of their car on Sunday.

And Ms Mojorising’s Instagram user posted: “I’m upset, angry, and sad.” “El Paso has to do better.”

The case has been reported to EPSO. He took the investigation unit cruelty to animals.

“These crimes against the voiceless animals of our victims are taken seriously and we are actively working to hold the suspects responsible for these brutal acts,” the sheriff’s administration said in a statement.

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