Health from Vinaros to Uganda

Health from Vinaros to Uganda

The project in Uganda will be funded by the Vinaros El Alto Foundation through the Infarma Solidario exhibitionJavier Flores

Uganda Pharmaceuticals Project Alto Foundationbased in Vinaros, for the 2024 edition of the call Inpharma Solidarity. The exhibition was held this week at IFEMA Madrid The funds raised through her solidarity concert will be allocated to this cause. In addition, the Vinaros Initiative will receive funding to be able to carry out its activities within the framework of the European Pharmaceutical Congress and the Medicines and Pharmacy Fair.

Thanks to the El Alto Foundation, St. Joseph Hospital in Kitgum has improved its pharmacy services and its main laboratory.

President of El Alto Foundation, David Rocca BioscaHe explains that the money will be allocated “for technical training in Makerere University Improving hospital pharmacy services in Kitgum St Joseph Hospital». El Alto V Initiative Uganda It started in 2013, when they implemented… Pharmacy service At St. Joseph's Hospital in Kitgum. They have created and built spaces to develop this service Compound laboratory To improve the health conditions of the population. Six years later, they started Educational project At Makerere University (Kampala), with the aim of improving, advising and Technical training for students of the College of Pharmacy From Makerere University. “Through technical training, pharmacy students will be able to acquire the skills necessary to provide correct patient care, This will improve access to treatments and increase safety and quality of them,” Rocca says.

Opportunities for health

The funding obtained from the Infarma Solidario group will “directly or indirectly benefit a community of approx 350,000 people“, says Rocca. Explains that the money will be used for Pay for training Continued support for pharmacists will be enhanced The relationship between hospital pharmacy and laboratory services Brilliant formulation of the center. Moreover, more emphasis can be placed on Health education projects In order to raise awareness among local residents about hygiene measures that can prevent diseases. With these contributions, pharmacists in the country's capital, Kampala, and in rural areas such as Kitgum, will be able to develop their activity under ideal conditions and will contribute to Health ceases to be high on the list of daily concerns.

El Alto's contribution to Africa

El Alto Foundation is NGOD Pharmaceutical health based in Vinaros, Castellon. It was created in 2006 with the aim of promoting the development and strengthening of healthcare and public health in poor countries on the African continent. They are currently implementing Five projects in hospitals in three countries: At Gambo Rural General Hospital in Ethiopia, at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Bibidjia in Chad, at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Kitgum in Uganda, and at Makerere University in Uganda.

The project in which the institution appeared for the first time was Ethiopia, which is still ongoing. Since 2007, they have worked with Gumbo General Hospital to Improving health conditions From local residents. There they installed a pharmacy service with Adequate and computerized facilitiesWhere manufactured medications are dispensed in the formulation laboratory.

In 2009, they started their second project, in this case, in Chad. There was a radical change, as St. Joseph's Hospital in Bebejia had only a warehouse and a dispensing office in which health education was not provided to the population and medicines were distributed to outpatients by insufficiently qualified staff. Currently, the pharmacy service of the hospital established by the Foundation Improved access to medicines and led to economic savings To the hospital itself. Now they are developing a Training in preparing the drink.

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