HERNAN Gómez, columnist for EL UNIVERSAL, stirs up controversy when he says “Torta y Frutsi” at rallies

By Twitter columnist GlobalismAnd the Hernan Gomezposted about what he considered the “goal” of the rally called by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador on November 27, a phrase spread on the same social network to resume the usual food, “Frutsi and Cake” that is given to them to “carry” in other events.

The phrase contained in the tweet sparked controversy and spread widely, with Ricardo Monreal himself joking with this saying The only thing I will miss is cake and cookies. In response to his absence from the President’s march.

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The backlash drew attention because opponents called the measure stratified when referring to what low-income people could get.

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Frutsi and cake are welcome. Enough stigma

On the Luis Cárdenas show, the columnist explained that the caricature made about receiving “footies and donuts” when attending a political event is a way of stigmatizing a section of the population, believing that this is their incentive to attend.

“The 13th march for citizens and the 27th march for the portable. There is a class element, because it is believed that this middle class, with some level of formal education, etc.. has its own will. The columnist promoting an end to the stigma of alleged pregnancy on sunday.

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