Historical! Football in the United States will get equal pay for men and women

Historical!  Football in the United States will get equal pay for men and women

“We play knowing we will win a lot more!” Megan Rapinoe celebrates, the new captain of the US women’s soccer team and also a leader in the fight to achieve the historic agreement on equal pay for men and women.

The CONCACAF Women’s Championship in Monterrey, where there was a controversy over the pass to three international tournaments, was the ground for the Stars and Stripes team to re-emerge in the official competition after such an exciting contract reached last May.

“Benoy”, as the fans cheered the American captain, took to the field for only 15 minutes, but it was enough to highlight the opening match against Haiti, which her team won 3-0.

The OL Reign defender showed off her quick touch and even danced on the grass to the delight of the fans at the University of Monterey Stadium.

Before the press, he was shown modeling the light blue jacket for Tigres, the women’s home team, finished with a delicate pearl necklace around his neck and tinted dark green glasses contrasting with the blonde and pink strands of his short hair.

“We joke about money, but it’s one of the ways society lets you know you’re worth it,” the US leader said, sometimes using a festive tone.

With the new agreement, which will be valid from 2023 to 2028, according to American media estimates, the player can earn about 450 thousand dollars annually if he is called up for all calls and the number will double depending on the results of the team. In the past, this compensation was less than $250,000.

“We’ve done the work outside, and now on the field,” says defender Becky Sauerbrunn, who plays for the Portland Thorns.

The United States is considered the strongest team in women’s football, has been crowned world and Olympic champions four times and amassed eight CONCACAF championships.

After winning the last World Cup in 2019, the players received a bonus of $110,000, but if they were men, they would add $450,000.

– more profitable –
After all, salaries in football are measured based on team earnings and this is the constant justification for meager bonuses to players from different countries who often have to perform other activities in order to survive.

But for Americans, that was a point in favor because according to estimates by the Wall Street Journal, between 2016 and 2018 the women’s band generated $50.8 million in ticket sales versus the men’s 49.9 million.

“It was just,” Mexican commentator Adrienne Hernandez told AFP on the Cancha y sepa women’s soccer programme.

“In the United States, the most popular sport for men is American football, and that’s why no one cared for women to start playing ‘football,’ it was a space they could occupy, and it was great that they took over,” the specialist adds when explaining. This is a globally acclaimed team phenomenon whose characters have been inspired by the female players.

For Pinoe, getting a fair wage for doing something he enjoys has created a “cool atmosphere” in the selection, including the directors.

“And of course, we want to set the pace for future generations, for players from other countries. That’s a good thing, we’re very proud, it took us a lot of work to make that happen.”

The Norwegians were the first to fight for equal pay in 2017 and after the Americans “Las Rosas” from Spain also achieved a historic agreement on June 14.

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