Hold a special hearing to view information from the United States in the Las Torres case at Criminalistics in Quito | Politics News


Once the Las Torres hearing takes place, next Wednesday, 14 people will be tried in the criminal case for organized crime.

Between noon on Monday and next Tuesday, those convicted of organized crime in the Las Torres case and their attorneys will participate in a special hearing to present evidence to the accused. Recognition, opening, exploitation, analysis, extraction Information, copying and embodiment of the information contained in the device sent by the Directorate of Cooperation and International Affairs of the State Prosecutor’s Office.

The Attorney General summons ex-presidential advisor Santiago Cuesta to present a copy in the Las Torres case

eFor a CD-ROM entitled Department Criminal Justice in the United States, dated April 5, 2021, is the response delivered to Ecuador prior to the submission of a request on the case. The sealed yellow envelope containing the CD under Reservation Series No. 1648-21 was entered at the Crime Department’s Collection Center in Pichincha and the hearing began shortly after 2:00 PM on Monday.

For experience, arrangements have been made to appoint two or more criminologists. Not only will there be audio, visual, and computer related forensic evidence of what was entered under Series of Custody No. 21-1648, but Sentinel strings will also be shown 1797-21 and 1822-21. For this reason, two days, May 10 and 11, have been set aside for diligence.

The appointed experts must submit a report within eight days to the court’s jurisdiction unit. Number three nationwide from the State Attorney’s Office, located in the north Keto.

The hearing must have the case officer and his work team for the procedures referred to And provide support in exploitation and evidence analysis With relevant search parameters related to the investigated facts.

The Las Torres case file reveals transactions between Santiago Cuesta, Enrique Cadena, and Jaime Bakuerezzo Escobar

In addition, the managers of the so-called Prison 4 were asked to do this It is located north of the capital, and to the Center for the Deprivation of Women’s Freedom in Quito, located in the south of the city, so that the six accused, male and female, are transferred to those subject to security provisions. Pre-trial detention order at the hearing in the criminal unit.

Among those who were investigated and those who kept a preventive arrest warrant were the observer (s) Pablo Cely and his brother Esteban Sealy; The Former Secretary-General of the Presidency of the Republic, José Augusto Briones and his deputy Brother Luis Agusto Briones and three others.

Defendants Natalia Cardenas, a former advisor to the then manager of Petroecuador, Pablo Flores, and Elise Cueva, Flores’ mother, must also attend the extraction proceedings. Several attorneys Of the five people who will be linked to the case next Wednesday, Although they were not an official part of the process, they did attend the reserved hearing.

In early May, the Attorney General, Diana Salazar, requested a binding hearing against Roy Calero, Alvaro de Guzman Perez, Pedro Sauna Rocca, Pablo Flores Cueva, former director of Petro-Ecuador, and His father is Marco Flores Troncoso. The five people were part of the group On April 12, the Public Prosecutor’s office requested arrest warrants against them for fourteen citizens for investigation purposes. (I)

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