Home & Décor Shows You’ll Find on Netflix

Home & Décor Shows You’ll Find on Netflix

In recent years, the way we consume has completely changed audiovisual content. Years ago, to see a Movie We must go to Who is the to see it or wait for it to be shown on TV. with the a seriesLike, we had to wait for them to be released TV Watch one chapter a week.

Now things have changed, and although it remains to go to the cinema to see movies, many people have chosen to sign up for it Some content streaming platform How NetflixAnd the Amazon Prime Video a HBO, so you are able to enjoy a variety of series and movies whenever you want and watch them however you want (from your TV, mobile phone or tablet).

And if this new model of consumption is instilled in our society for a long time, the pandemic may speed up the process. a) yes, Apparently 2020 was the year of live streaming for content platforms. The pandemic happened because of COVID-19 And the various measures that have been taken to control the number of infections, such as confinement at home, have made many people who might not have previously considered signing up for a platform of this style finally decide to do so. And so the data appears. In this sense, according to Justwatch, A group of the five most important platforms for this method in our countryand Netflix, HBO, Prime Video, Movistar+, Filmin, saw an average growth of 210%. If we maintain the platform with the most users all over the world, Netflix, we will see that In the first six months of 2020, it acquired 26 million new Global subscriptions, compared to 12 million in the same period but in the previous year.

So, you are a user of this platform or are thinking of subscribing, it interests you. And while the most popular content on these platforms is movies and series, we can also find other types of content, like monologues or shows of all kinds, like the one we show you today: Find Home & Décor Shows on Netflix.

MA Interior Design

We start with a series that mixes decor and humor, and according to the platform, the argument is as follows: “Rising interior designers vying for an exceptional contract transform a variety of ruthless spaces into places with plenty of magic. The series has one season and a total of 8 episodes Approximately 45 minutes per episode.

you may Watch the series here.

amazing homes

This program shows us different houses that may seem ordinary and ordinary, but they hide many secrets. Thus, according to Netflix, the argument is as follows: “The homes of these eccentric owners may look completely normal, but they are full of surprises: from roller coasters to an aquarium.” In total, there are 12 programs that take about 25 minutes each.

Amazing Netflix Homes

you may Watch the series here.

tiny dream homes

This is one of the great home shows we can find on Netflix, hosted by John Weisbarth with real estate expert Zack Giffin. This program is a little different from the previous ones, because it consists in helping many families in the United States build their own homes, but with privacy: they will be “mini” homes. As the platform tells us, “presenter John Wesbarth and expert Zach Geffen are helping American families build their personalized miniature homes.” The series has two seasons and 14 episodes, with an approximate duration of 40 minutes per program.

Netflix Minicasas de ensueño

you may Watch the series here.

Million Dollar Beach House

And this list cannot miss the luxury homes program… The thing is… How we like to see other people’s homes, and if they are luxurious, they are more! In this case, as the platform points out, the argument is as follows: “This group of ambitious young agents are gritting their teeth to close the sale of some of the most luxurious real estate in the Hamptons. The drama is being presented.”

Netflix Million Dollar Beach House

you may Watch the series here.

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