How do you apply to study in the United States?

How do you apply to study in the United States?

Hazel Blackmore
Executive Director of the United States-Mexico Commission for Educational and Cultural Exchange, COMMEXUS, which administers the Fulbright-Garcia Robles scholarship programs.
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about your assignment
The Fulbright-Garcia Robles Scholarship Programs are administered by the United States-Mexico Commission for Educational and Cultural Exchange (COMEXUS).

Through these scholarships, COMEXUS supports students, researchers, and educators – Mexican and American – to do the following:
Graduate Studies
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Teaching and professional programs in the United States and Mexico.
These programs are funded by the governments of the two countries and with a small percentage of resources from companies and donations from private foundations.

Globally, the Fulbright Program operates in more than 160 countries.

his achievements
Since its founding, COMEXUS has offered nearly 5,000 scholarships to Mexicans and Americans
Approximately 200 new scholarships annually and average appx. 70 annual renewal.

Fellowships have shifted from public policy to filmmaking, from epidemiology to computer science.

His famous scholars
Composer Arturo Marquez.
Former US Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords.
Film director Fernando Frias.
4 of the last 6 Mexican ambassadors to the United States.

This year, they celebrate the 31st anniversary of the founding of the binational Comexus Corporation.

The 400,000 alumni community includes:
61 Nobel Prize Laureates
89 Pulitzer Prize winners
40 heads of state
76 MacArthur Fellowship recipients and
16 recipients of the US Presidential Medal of Freedom.

They currently have a variety of Fulbright Garcia Robles Scholarships for Mexicans in nine programs, including scholarships for professors/researchers, educators, professionals, and graduate students.
Requirements vary depending on the profile of each scholarship, but they are all scholarships for academic excellence.
For the Regular Graduate Scholarship, which is their largest program for Mexicans, they will request:
TOEFL / IELTS and GRE exams.
At least 8 out of the last grade completed
Material bar/University title or commitment letter.
Two articles in English.
3 letters of recommendation in English.

at the momentThese are the open calls:
Outstanding Teaching Award (for elementary and secondary school teachers for professional development one semester in the United States)
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Foreign Language Assistant Scholarship
All the specific requirements are on their website.

What does it include?
All scholarships include financial support.
J-1 visa process.
Securing medical expenses and other benefits that vary by scholarship.

For a postgraduate scholarship, for example, they offer:
Up to $25,000 in financial support per academic year (2 for Masters or 3 for Ph.D.).
Advice and assistance in the university admission process.
Pay the corresponding fee for the admission application (4 for a master’s degree, 5 for a doctorate).
Pay to retake the GRE and TOEFL iBT exams as fellows.
Academic enrichment, directions, and round trips each year of the scholarship.
For other scholarships, it is common for the scholarship recipient to receive a monthly allowance or other form of support to cover all expenses associated with accommodation.

How do you start?
For all scholarships, the process begins with an online application located at when the call is open.
If you pass the next stage, you are invited to a virtual interview with a panel of experts in your specialty.
After the final evaluation, they will notify you if you have been selected as a scholarship recipient and begin the process of preparing to go to the United States with you.

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