How do you speed up your process? These are the suggestions of Ambassador Luis Gilberto Murillo

How do you speed up your process?  These are the suggestions of Ambassador Luis Gilberto Murillo

The process of obtaining a visa to enter the United States has become one of the longest and most complex. Appointments to renew it or take it out for the first time last for months and even years.

Complaints are increasing from those who want to travel to the United States and do not have this document, and the process has not been accelerated.

In an interview with weekThe new Colombian ambassador to the United States, Luis Gilberto Murillo, clarified the situation by issuing visas to that country.

“Visa processing and processing is independent of the US government, but several concerns have been expressed to us about the time required to obtain the appointment. “We’ve brought the issue up in our discussions with the US government and they’ve told us there are delays due to the pandemic and other conditions that are gradually improving,” Murillo said.

He added that Colombia’s position would be one of cooperation to facilitate normalization in this process: “We will cooperate in whatever is at our disposal so that resources can be obtained quickly so that there are more consuls in Colombia and speed up the processing of these visas.”

On the other hand, Murillo pointed out, On the issue of immigration, Colombia is developing a modern policy to welcome immigrantsto ensure their integration.

Colombia has for several years been implementing a very modern policy with regard to welcoming immigrants, especially Venezuelans., who are guaranteed their way to integrate into society. It is clear from the numbers that Venezuelans who arrive in Colombia have a lower probability of continuing the process of immigration to the United States, and this flow has decreased, but not the situation in other neighboring countries where this immigration takes place.” Ambassador.

He cautioned that President Petro said this policy will deepen and expand until the problem is truly resolved: “What we are asking is for more resources to be allocated to Colombia and we believe that there is a possibility that the United States is making a greater effort by the United States in terms of money in this regard.”

In addition, he explained, the government proposed to similarly address this issue, “since Colombia is making an important effort with the immigrant population and we have put on the agenda with the United States the possibility of ensuring the relief of immigrants to the Colombian population that it is here (in the United States) in an undocumented situation” .

Ambassador Murillo noted that these populations need tools that enable them to legalize their status and find ways to join that community or return safely to the country.

There are several alternatives: One is temporary protected status, which can be guaranteed to Colombian residents in the United States, and the other will be a mechanism used where return or deportation is postponed. Of these residents, they are granted a work permit and this requires an Executive Order from the President of the United States. We are putting this on our agenda, we are making this request to the United States government to alleviate the immigration status of our residents here.

Regarding a meeting between President Joe Biden and his Colombian counterpart, Gustavo Petro, the ambassador indicated that President Petro, immediately after his election, received an immediate call from Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken, and within 48 hours, he received the call from President Biden, and messages were exchanged.

There is constant interaction and we hope that the Foreign Minister will visit the country soon. We are working on it to achieve the exact moment and when the meeting between President Petro and President Biden will be most productive,” he explained.

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